How Hilary Swank Stays in Top Shape at 44

She loves kettlebells.

How Hilary Swank Stays in Top Shape at 44
Credit: Instagram/Hilary Swank

The Oscar-winning film “Million Dollar Baby” might be 15 years old, but its star, Hilary Swank, is proving she’s still in fighting shape at 44. 

The star regularly posts her workouts on her Instagram in a series she calls #FitnessFriday and they are no joke. From box jumps to kettlebells to sled pushes, Swank is undoubtedly still a fighter when it comes to her fitness routine. 

Curious how she does it? Here’s exactly how Swank gets her insanely fit body. 

She Uses Kettlebells

From her Instagram videos, it’s clear that Swank is a big fan of kettlebells (or at least knows just how incredibly effective they can be). Whether you’re using kettlebells in a squat or a swing like Swank, the mighty kettlebell combines strength and cardio in one shot. 

Not only are kettlebells extremely versatile but they also target multiple muscle groups (arms, legs, core) at the same time, which makes them efficient and a worthwhile addition to any strength workout routine. 

She Sled Pushes

Sled training, in which you push and pull a weighted sled, is another amazing tool that combines strength and cardio. With the sled, you’re toning your legs, core, glutes, calves, back, and shoulders — you name it, and you’re working it — while also improving your anaerobic and aerobic conditioning. 

While it’s an intense workout, it’s beneficial for training of all levels, including beginners. Some people might sprint (or attempt to sprint) as they push the sled but the main objective is to move the sled however you can. Basically, if you want to torch fat fast, push and/or pull a sled. 

She Box Jumps 

Box jumps are another incredibly efficient exercise that’s perfect for all levels of fitness. The objective is to jump up onto a plyometric box, landing with both feet, then straightening your legs at the top position before jumping back down. Then, immediately springing back up as quickly as you can. 

It might sound fun (and it can be) but it’s a grueling exercise that helps to strengthen and tone everything from your lower body to your upper body. It also improves your balance and coordination (while also improving your core strength) as it blasts calories. 

She Trains with TRX

TRX, which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, is a workout method that uses your body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability with a series of bands that are fastened to the wall. 

It might seem like a flimsy workout at first but looks are deceiving. TRX tones and strengthens your body from head-to-toe through a variety of versatile exercises while concentrating on your core strength to help with balance and coordination. 

Because you can adjust the straps for modifications to decrease or increase body weight, it’s a great workout for all levels from newbies to gym rats. 

The Takeaway

As you can see from the exercises above, Swank doesn’t mess around when it comes to her workouts. She likes high intensity and efficiently effective exercises that work her body from head to toe combining both strength and cardio. In short, she likes to work up a good sweat. No wonder she looks so good at 44.

Which is why by taking a few cues from her workouts, you too could be a knockout in no time. 

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