How (and Why) The Detox Market is Cleaning Up the Beauty Industry

Where to buy organic beauty products

Made the switch to clean, green, and natural beauty products? Then you’ll love The Detox Market. Dedicated to curating the purest, most unique, and highly effective natural product lines, its zero toxicity tolerance makes shopping for nature’s best a breeze.

We caught up with Romain Gaillard, founder of The Detox Market, to give us the insider scoop on how it’s shaking up the beauty industry and what powerful new natural beauty trends we can look forward to.

Where to buy organic beauty products
Credit: via The Detox Market

OrganicAuthority: What was your inspiration to launch The Detox Market?

Romain Gaillard: When I co-founded Odacité, a brand of natural skincare, we realized that our clients had so many questions and wanted guidance about non-toxic make-up, nail polish, shampoo, and all types of skincare. So, we started testing products, meeting with founders, and recommending brands to our clients. From all this research, I discovered that there were amazing brands no one knew about. So, I created a pop-up store focused on educating clients about toxicity in personal care. And more importantly, I presented them with amazing green alternatives. We launched in 2010 as a two-month store pop-up in Venice Beach, Calif., and decided to continue “popping up” in different cities with the same mission. We now have four stores and five counters within Café Gratitude locations.

Where to buy natural beauty

OA: What trends in natural beauty are you most excited about today?

RG: I love the way beauty and nutrition are getting closer. Since day one, we have been advocates of holistic beauty. We had a juice bar and a Matcha bar in our original pop-up store on Abbot Kinney. We promoted cleanses and even lead group cleanses. We had a naturopathic clinic in our Toronto pop-up. Half of our Detox Ambassadors have a nutrition background as well. I am super excited about brands such as Moon Juice and The Beauty Chef as they connect the two worlds of beauty and nutrition.

OA: What are some powerful new plant-based hero ingredients rocking the natural beauty industry? And what skin issues do they solve?

RG: I love the idea of customizing your own skincare routine, adding supplements, and being your own skin chef. I highly recommend looking at what Odacité did with its new Synergy Mask. It uses powerful ingredients such as fruit acids and probiotics. And it encourages you to supercharge the mask with ingredients you find in your kitchen. I’m also intrigued by Maya Chia for their formulas and brand integrity. We loved the products when we tried them. They are based on chia seed oil which contains a huge amount of antioxidants.

OA: There are some exciting farm-to-face and small batch beauty companies launching. Any favorites?

RG: For me, skincare is a lot like cooking. You have to select the purest and freshest ingredients to maximize the experience and the efficiency. Right now, 99 percent of beauty products are processed. And the few but growing small batch brands are changing the rules for the better. Two of the best-known green beauty brands are Odacité and May Lindstrom. Tata Harper has also been very successful in bringing light to this concept. I also love Linné Botanicals. Laurel Skincare has done a fantastic job as well. I believe that small batch and transparency about ingredients will be the norm in five to ten years, just like it is for restaurants. Can you imagine launching a new high-end restaurant using processed ingredients? Not anymore.

OA: What do you wish the conventional beauty industry would learn from organic and natural beauty companies?

RG: If you look at it, successful natural beauty brands are all about transparency, authenticity, and ingredients. The founders of these brands have no marketing budget, and they allocate most of their resources into selecting the purest ingredients. That’s what the new generation of consumers (myself included) are looking for. I hope that conventional brands start refocusing on the basics and ingredients. Doesn’t it make more sense to spend more time and resources on ingredients and less in marketing?

Where to buy organic beauty products

OA: Being a man in the beauty industry must have given you some interesting insights. Can you share a few?

RG: This has been a gift and a challenge. The difficult part about being a man is that I was not familiar with all the products and in particular make-up. Ironically at first, I hated conventional beauty stores. That gave me the opportunity to start from scratch. I had to ask myself, why do I hate beauty stores? I always felt unwelcome, the experience was fake, the scents gave me headaches. So, we decided to create the exact opposite. We didn’t follow any “retail” rules because I didn’t know them anyway. When you are trying to reinvent and innovate, being an outsider is the best thing that can happen.

OA: What’s next for the Detox Market?

RG: So many things! We have a huge list of projects from launching our blog to opening more stores. Which, hopefully, we will announce later this year. Our goal is to continue educating people while having fun. We are constantly approached with funding to expand more rapidly. But we want to stay focused on providing a meaningful experience. There is no point in having fifty stores if they are boring and standardized and not authentic.

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