How to Steam Your Face with Facial Teas

How To Steam Your Face With Facial Teas

You know how there are certain spa procedures that are fleeting? Sorry massage, you feel great while it lasts. And those that have lasting effects? Facial steaming is one we can take home with us. Learn how to steam your face and the products that get you there.

Seems like there are teas for everything. To tone down your tummy. Make you sleepy. Give you a zing of energy. Clear your pores and tighten your skin.

Say what?! Yep, facial teas are where it’s at in beautiful skin rituals. Nope, you don’t drink them. You steam your face with these beauties and you are going to be crazy about them.

Hand crafted skincare brands are blending all natural ingredients, like flowers, herbs, and teas, to create custom steams for face. Not only are the steams themselves beautiful, but the ritual feels super indulgent and whisks away many of your skin woes.

4 Facial Teas to Steam Your Face

1.Mullein & Sparrow Facial Steam: One thing about facial teas, they are as pretty to look at as they make skin. Take this lovely steam for example. A combo of lavender, chamomile, rose, and calendula flowers with an herbal mixture that soothes while it softens skin. Emerge with a glowing, hydrated complexion.

2.Fig + Yarrow Herbal Steams: Take your pick from this selection of season-appropriate steams. Packaged in cute little tins with transparent tops, perfect for your bathroom shelf. Feeling a pore opening summer steam right about now? This one includes immortelle to diminish spots, scars, and signs of sun damage.

Skin Owl Beauty Steam Marigold

3.Skin Owl Beauty Steam Marigold: Detox and renew skin with this mix of chamomile, rose, and calendula. Opens up pores and decongests the complexion.

Chagrin Valley Organic Facial Teas

4.Chagrin Valley Organic Facial Teas: A variety of steams for every skin type or issue. Choose from blends designed for oily, dry, mature, acne, and sensitive skin types.

How to Steam Your Face Like a Pro

You’ll need a large glass bowl, a facial tea from the above list, and clean skin. That’s it!

Bring 3-4 cups of water to a boil and pour into glass bowl. Add a handful of facial tea to the water and steep for 5 minutes. Create a steam vent by holding towel over your head, above the bowl. Be sure to keep your face a few inches above water to avoid a steam burn. Relax and breathe deeply for 3-5 minutes. Emerge with gloriously revitalized skin. Tone, treat, and moisturize as usual.

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