Increase Your Sexual Pleasure and Reduce Pain with THC Infused Personal Lubricants

Increase Your Sexual Pleasure and Reduce Pain with THC Infused Personal Lubricants
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Rumor has it, personal lubricants infused with THC can seriously rock your world in the bedroom. Just ask Ashley Manta, adult sexual health educator and the woman responsible for the term “CannaSexual®,” which is defined as “anyone who mindfully and deliberately combines sex and cannabis to deepen intimacy and enhance pleasure.” With over a decade in the industry, she’s become “one of the leading authorities on combining sex and cannabis in an intentional way,” and has agreed to give us some invaluable advice on trying THC-infused lubes.

Normally containing a carrier oil mixed with either THC oil or CBD oil, Manta recommends applying the pleasure-enhancing formulas to the genitals–specifically, the vulva–as a “marinade” for up to half an hour before engaging in sexual activity (keeping in mind that oils are not latex friendly). Because THC is a vasodilator, there will likely be an increase in blood-flow to the area, something she acknowledged as “one of the hallmarks of arousal.” In addition to engorgement, Manta also noted another major benefit associated with THC-infused lubes–a significant reduction in pain and inflammation, making it possible to engage in comfortable vaginal sex.

You don’t have to be a marijuana smoker to use these, either. Applying a THC-infused lube won’t get you “high” in the traditional sense, unless, cautions Manta, your partner engages in oral sex directly after application. If that sort of thing worries you, or you live in a state where cannabis is not yet legal, then your best bet is to choose personal lubricants infused with CBD instead, which don’t contain psychoactive properties and are able to be shipped all over the country.

While the effects of THC-infused lubes vary from person to person, the general consensus seems to be really, really good. “Overall, people tend to report enhanced pleasurable sensations, decreased pain or discomfort, increased lubrication, increased blood flow, and more powerful orgasms,” she revealed. “For me, I don’t actually notice a specific sensation when it’s applied, but after the 25 minutes has lapsed I notice that there’s no pain with penetration and my clit can handle more direct stimulation than usual.” She also relayed that some people don’t feel a difference after application, but then have “a massively more powerful orgasm.”

We also discussed the various brands and types of THC or CBD-containing personal lubricants available on the market. In addition to the development of her own line of cannabis-infused pre-lubes planned to launch this fall, Manta offered some options that readers can try in the meantime, including Quim Rock, Velvet Swing, and even a homemade recipe from her colleague Lauren Gibbs. If you’re looking for a more sophisticated lube-making setup, Manta suggests trying the Levo Oil Infuser for simple, mess-free home infusing.

FORIA Awaken

Ingredients: Liquid Coconut Oil; Organic Whole Plant Extracts – Kava, Hemp, Cinnamon and Ginger; Organic Cardamom; Organic Peppermint; Wildcrafted Cocoa Absolute; Vanilla Absolute


With hemp as the key ingredient, this all-natural, topical lube is intended to enhance your sexual experience, whether through greater sensation or deeper relaxation. The creators suggest Awaken may increase arousal, promote natural lubrication, and make orgasms fuller and more intense. Suggested for relieving physical tension and discomfort, this personal lubricant may help reduce pain, as well.

Apothecanna Sexy Time

Ingredients: Jasmine; Coconut; Argan; Cannabis


Described on the website as, a “sensual and arousing intimacy oil with exotic and wildcrafted plant ingredients to enhance sensitivity and increase blood flow,” this natural lubricant comes with an arousing floral aroma, as well. The luxurious glide and lightweight feel will engage your senses and should be applied to erogenous zones at least 15 minutes prior to engaging in sexual activity.

Sensuva ON HEMP


Ingredients: Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil; Sweet Almond Oil; Peppermint Oil; Cinnamomum Zeylanicum; Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E); Silica; Natural Flavors; Rosemary Extract

A powerful arousal oil for women, this all-natural pre-lube is best used directly on the clitoris, and is said to dramatically heighten excitement, creating a sensation “that pulsates, vibrates, and tingles the most sensitive part of her sensual body.” In addition to being hemp-infused, the oil is cruelty-free, vegan, and gluten, paraben, and glycerin-free.

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