9 Natural Beauty Breakthroughs to Remedy Every Complexion Woe

Best natural skin care

There are always exciting new breakthroughs in natural beauty. But never before have we seen so many revolutionary ingredients, devices, and treatments that hydrate, tighten, and brighten skin, naturally. Dull skin and hyperpigmentation be gone. Say hello to a bright and luminous complexion. You’ll be excited share #nofilter selfies showcasing your natural beauty from the inside out.


1. Amala Beauty’s RejuvenateAdvancedFirmingConcentrate

Best Natural Beauty Products

Amala, a plant-powered luxury skincare line, uses the latest in botanical chemistry to create its Rejuvenate AdvancedFirmingConcentrate. A highly concentrated vitamin C serum achieves firming results and reduces fine lines in as little as seven days when used consistently. A blend of pro-collagen plant peptides re-densifies cells for a youthful glow. Partnering with fair-trade, organic farmers Amala doesn’t believe that beauty should ever sacrifice integrity.

2. Golden Door’s Daily Renewal Treatment

Best Natural Beauty Products

This enlightened skin care line enlists the power of six types of limes for its Daily Renewal Treatment. Its smoothing and soothing ingredients feature alpha hydroxy, lactic, glycolic, malic and tartaric acids to remove dead surface skin cells and reduce the appearance of fine lines, discoloration, and pore size. Lime Pearl™from caviar lime is a powerful exfoliating agent that brightens skin tone. Mexican lime oil is a natural antiseptic that lightens dark spots. And another beautiful benefit? Golden Door gives 100% of its profits to help end child abuse.

3. Plume Science’s Natural Lash Enhancement Serum

Beauty Breakthrough Products

Based in Canada, this clean and green cosmetics company has developed another winner with its Natural Lash Enhancement Serum. Sans toxic ingredients and chemicals, this lash serum promotes the growth of fuller thicker lashes naturally by applying giving specific nutrients to the lash line. Applied morning and evening, in just a few weeks you can have fuller lashes naturally.

4. OSEA Brightening Serum

Bearberry leaf is the star ingredient in this golden serum from OSEA packed with active botanicals to tighten and brighten your complexion. A natural alternative to the synthetic hydroquinone (a skin bleaching topical), Bearberry helps reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation. All the while algae infuses your skin with vitamins for optimum hydration. Leah Porlas, spa director for Spa L’Auberge in Del Mar, California says the products are 100% natural and hydrating, “due to mineral-rich sea algae. Hydration is key in skin care, as it helps plump up the skin and gives a beautiful, healthy glow.”

5. Mesolyft Micro-Needle Skin Care Technology

Best natural beauty products

Both a breakthrough serum with a micro-needle exfoliating tip that preps your skin for maximum absorption, Mesolyft brightens your complexion with papaya and guava extracts. The mico-needle is painless, while the serum with Argireline tightens skin. All the while, kojic acid gently exfoliates and helps reduce discoloration. Modeled after the centuries-old tradition of European mesotherapy, its micro-needling technology simulates the latest medispa delivery systems for home skin care.


6. IN-SKIN Facial Machine 

Best Natural Beauty Solutions

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is one of the very first spas in America to have this six-in-one computerized facial machine featuring oxygen therapy, diamond tip microdermabrasion, radio frequency, air massage, electroporation, and a LED face mask. Completely customizable for every unique skin combination, the practitioner can program a unique prescription for healthy glowing skin. The facial machine detoxes your skin, infuses oxygen for ultra-hydration, and the radio frequency lifts and lightens the epidermis. Chromo frequency “works against the inharmonious vibrations of cells” and “lymph activation prevents sagging, loosens cell deposits and supports the elimination of toxins and tissue decomposition.”

7. Magnetic Detox Facial Cupping Treatment

Natural Beauty Products

Famed natural facialist Ildi Pekar whose motto is “skin care is health care” designed the Magnetic Detox Facial Cupping Treatment to draw out toxins and guide nutrients to the skin’s surface. Pakar asserts that dull skin comes from a lack of circulation. Her signature treatment uses magnetic-cupping to increase local chi and blood circulation and supports microcirculation for a bright and glowing complexion. And just one result of the rhythmic vibration is a slimmer complexion. A deep believer in traditional skin care techniques, Pekar has taken the ancient practice of face cupping to control blood movement in the face and brought into the 21st century with gorgeous results.


8. Arbonne Genius Ultra

Best Natural Beauty Products

Arbonne Intelligence Genius Ultra uses ultrasound to make the active ingredients of your skin care products penetrate the ridges of skin that pressure from just fingertips alone doesn’t reach. By creating an ultrasound pressure wave 300,000 times per second, this device helps penetrate products into the deep layers of your skin to boost performance. When using top shelf skin care products, the Genius Ultra ensures that the hero ingredients don’t just lay on the top layer of your skin. But are deeply absorbed to where they can rejuvenate your complexion from the inside out. 

9. PMD’s Personal Microderm Pro

Best Beauty Breakthroughs

The Personal Microderm Pro is your best friend when it comes to skin rejuvenation. As we age, our cells turn over more slowly which can mean dull skin and make us look older beyond our years. Microdermabrasion removes the top layer of dead skin cells and stimulates natural collagen growth. The PMD is painless and easy to use while reducing fine lines, balancing skin tone, and reducing hyperpigmentation. Chemical free and eco-friendly, when used weekly it’s an easy way to get your glow back.

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