Nature’s Path Donates Half A Million to Support Mandatory GMO Labeling

Leading organic cereal manufacturer, Nature’s Path, has made a significant contribution—$500,000—to the Center for Food Safety’s campaign for mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods.

Nature’s Path founder and CEO said in a statement that, “Since our beginnings, Nature’s Path has been totally committed to organics and working in harmony with nature, which means that we have always taken an adamant stand against GMOs in our products.” The company is “escalating the fight” because of a firm belief that consumers have a right to know what’s in their food.

One of the major sponsors for the early October 313-mile Right2Know March from New York City to Washington DC, Nature’s Path is now stepping up efforts to get the label initiative on the California 2012 ballot. A recent study commissioned by Nature’s Path found that 90 percent of moms polled want GMOs labeled, which would ultimately change their shopping habits, 59 percent want more information on GMOs, 46 percent have concerns over the safety of GMOs, 38 percent would consider opting for non-GMO brands and 33 percent would possibly reconsider feeding GMOs to their family, says the company.

The news from Nature’s Path comes in the wake of a recent exposé by The Cornucopia Institute, a consumer advocacy group that found a number of well-known natural food cereal brands and major category competitors for Nature’s Path—including Whole Foods private label—tested positive for genetically modified ingredients. One of the manufacturers, Peace Cereals, is accused of pulling a ‘bait and switch’ for replacing the organic ingredients used in its cereal products for nearly a decade with less expensive genetically modified soy, corn and canola.

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Image: Nature’s Path