Pistachio Growers Launch PR Campaign

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The Western Pistachio Association (WPA), a Fresno, Calif.-based trade group that represents growers in California, Arizona and New Mexico, is trying to restore its product’s good name.

Upon learning that Anaheim, Calif.-based Orca Distribution West repackaged and sold potentially contaminated nuts (see yesterday’s story), the WPA issued a press release to help allay consumers’ fears. It states:

Pistachio products subject to the recall should have already been removed from the market by each distributor and/or entity that had potentially contaminated product. The WPA does not condone any entity that knowingly shipped recalled product or withheld information related to the product recalls.

The association has also launched a website that provides a list of safe, regionally grown, organic and nonorganic brands. This is helpful, as I’ve avoided buying pistachios since the FDA initiated the recall in March.

If you’re worried about our nation’s food supply, you’re not alone. According to a recent survey, 60% of consumers polled have qualms about the food they buy. Tune in tomorrow for more staggering stats from the study.

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