Plant-Based Lifestyle Hacks From Sakara’s Founders

Results-driven, plant-rich, ready-to-eat meals? Yasss.....

Plant-Based Lifestyle Hacks From Sakara's Founders
Credit: Sakara

There are few food delivery services that do it quite like Sakara does. The food delivery program is all about clean, organic, ready-to-eat meals that are as Insta-ready as they are effective in boosting overall health and beauty. And while the once-coveted, strictly-juice detox delivery programs are starting to lose steam, Sakara’s balanced approach to its meal programs are only gaining more ground. And, understandably so. Its meals are plant-rich and filling, science-backed yet simple, and results-driven but unequivocally delicious.

So who better to talk to about plant-based living hacks than Sakara founders Danielle Duboise and Whitney Tingle? We interview them to learn more about what the Sakara lifestyle means and how to incorporate its basic principles into our everyday lives.

The Sakara Promise

Browsing through the Sakara website, it becomes clear that this is no vanity project (despite how beautiful it all is!). The company takes its meal service seriously and wants its clients to see and feel the difference. According to Sakara, “Each meal is nutritionally designed to contain the optimal amount of plant-based protein, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense superfoods to help balance, restore and heal your body, so you can look and feel your absolute best”, with a high-caliber science and food advisory board to match, including the likes of Parsley Health founder Robin Berzin, celebrity chef Bobby Flay, wellness expert Aviva Romm MD, and the “microbiome doctor” Raphael Kellman MD.

Sakara boasts that its “clients report results ranging from the physical (boosted metabolism, balanced hormones, flatter tummy, clearer, brighter skin) to the mental (increased energy, better focus, banished cravings) to the spiritual (peace and comfort in knowing that you are being taken care of).” Count me in.

The Sakara Founders Q&A

Plant-Based Lifestyle Hacks From Sakara's Founders
Credit: Sakara

Sakara founders Danielle and Whitney are as picture-perfect as the meals they create. A former actress and model, Danielle went from roller coaster diets to healthy living. After a stint on Wall Street as well as the cystic acne and an extra 15 pounds on her frame to prove it, Whitney turned to Danielle to create a meal plan that would clear her complexion and help her to lose the excess weight. After realizing their shared passion for healthy living, Danielle went on to become a certified holistic health coach and Whitney studied to become a certified yoga instructor. Then, Sakara was born.

To learn more about Sakara, we talked to Danielle and Whitney about the inspiration behind their movement and what we can do to get the most from the food we eat.

OA: When I think of Sakara, I think of beautiful meals and unique ingredients. How do you approach your recipes?

DW: We work with a team of incredible, classically-trained chefs who help us develop new recipes constantly. We use inspiration from nature, from favorite restaurants around NYC or from our travels. All of our recipes are rooted in our ‘9 Pillars of Nutrition’, which include principles like eating your water with hydrating plants and vegetables, getting enough plant protein, and focusing on organic, highest-quality produce and nutrient-density over arbitrary calorie counting. We’ve connected with experts all over the world and use our own experience— Danielle studied biochemistry and nutrition and Whitney has a background in holistic health coaching — to create nutritionally-designed meals.

OA: What are people looking for in plant-based living? Has the interest shifted since you first started? 

DW: People come to us for a variety of reasons, such as to lose weight, find relief from autoimmune symptoms, cure their acne or heal their relationship with food after a lifetime of dieting. Our goal is to meet clients wherever they are and help as many people as possible feel amazing in their bodies—whatever that means for them!

OA: What’s your favorite ingredient to meal prep with at the moment, and why?

DW: Some of our favorite ingredients to incorporate every day are healthy fats and organic greens. A hemp seed sprinkle – whether on salad, an avocado, topping our superfood granola – is a delicious way to add omegas and plant protein to your meal.

OA: The market for ingestible beauty is rapidly growing. How has your menu reacted to this? 

DW: Sakara Beauty Chocolates have quickly become one of our all-time best sellers. Made with raw cacao and coconut sugar, they also contain a patented blend of plant lipids called phytoceramides that help protect the water barrier of your skin and support collagen production. Your skin is left glowing, hydrated, radiant– and they taste great too. And our Beauty Water Drops contains 72 ultra-hydrating trace minerals, plus anti-inflammatory rose and silica, which supports strong hair, skin, and nails. Just add to water for supercharged mineral H20. Beauty Water Concentrate is a must-have for beating bloat and keeping your glow while traveling or any time!

OA: Do you have any wellness hacks to keep up your energy during a busy work week?

DW: We are grateful every day for our fridge-full of Sakara to nourish us and keep us feeling like our best, brightest selves amid the craziness of city life. When you’ve built a solid foundation of wellness with a clean diet, the sky is the limit. Life can be so jam-packed that sitting down to lunch isn’t always an option, which is where our Detox and Energy Bars come in. They’re functional nutrition bars with organic, whole-food ingredients and 10 grams of clean plant protein. The Energy Bar, made with focus-boosting nootropics like L-theanine and vitamin B12, is perfect for our busiest days (as well as a great pre-workout snack), and the Detox Bar is great for cleansing after a wild weekend, thanks to blue spirulina, which detoxifies the body and relieves inflammation.

OA: What are some practices that complement the Sakara diet? 

DW: Beyond nutrition, it’s so important to start the day with gratitude and really honor the power of your mind. One of our mantras is “What I think, I create,” and we believe that with every fiber of our being. Taking time to honor your physical, spiritual and emotional self everyday can be transformational; whether it’s a few minutes of meditation, moving in a way that brings you joy or texting a sweet note to a friend. Sending love and kindness every day complements eating in this self-loving, healing way.

OA: What are some basic tips to living our best, plant-based eating life?

DW: Our number one tip is to eat your daily greens! We are the only meal delivery service that was created with your microbiome (the trillions of bacteria on and in your body, particularly in your gut, that control digestion, immunity, hormone balance, calorie and nutrient absorption and more) in mind. The symbiotic bacteria in your gut thrive on plant fiber and water, so eating 4–6 cups of organic greens each day will change your life.

Plant-Based Lifestyle Hacks From Sakara's Founders
Credit: Sakara’s 3-week RE:PROGRAM + Beauty Water Drops

Just in time for fall, Sakara has launched their limited-edition, 3-week, The RE:PROGRAM to help you restore, reset and refresh. It even comes with $155 of free self-care essentials to freshen up your routine from brands like Goop, Kosas, Sagely Naturals CBD and more. Read more about the RE:PROGRAM now. 

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