The 3 Worst Natural Ingredients for Keeping Colored Hair From Fading Fast

The 3 Worst Natural Ingredients for Keeping Colored Hair From Fading Fast

With the no ‘poo trend happening, kitchen staples are being used on hair regularly. Ingredients like baking soda and apple cider vinegar can often be found in the shower, but they can have not-so-pleasant results on colored hair.

In case you haven’t heard, not washing your hair is a thing. Rather than a regular sudsing, many people are opting for the no ‘poo method of hair cleansing.

Baking soda and ACV are headliners in this process. But there are consequences other than the greasy phase and your hair possibly not loving no ‘poo. These natural ingredients can strip salon hair color.

Ok, we get that chemical hair color is not at the top of the list of healthy cosmetic procedures. Still, many woman feel this is an important part of looking good and feeling great. If a little highlighting and low lighting makes you feel like a million bucks, I say do it. Just know what you are getting yourself into first, and go the least toxic route possible.

If you color treat your hair it is important to know that the no ‘poo scene is not for you. Certain natural ingredients do a good job of stripping that time and dollar intensive color you love.

There are many stories out there on how to go no ‘poo. There are far fewer on the consequences this has on color treated hair. So, I asked my colorist and she said (vehemently!) that this method would destroy my color.

3 Natural Ingredients That Strip Hair Color

1. Baking soda: Yep, you need to steer clear. Baking soda is good for absorbing greasiness, but it is also lightening and somewhat abrasive.

2. Apple cider vinegar: ACV is strong stuff. It is great for detoxing the system and is a clarifying ingredient. It also strips color, so avoid this one too.

3. Lemon: This one may not be a regular component of no ‘poo but it is touted as being good for treating dandruff and itchy scalp. Before you use lemon juice know it is lightening and astringent, and will damage color.

Color treated or not, if you have a sensitive scalp you may want to avoid the above ingredients. They may irritate or cause excessive dryness.

There are other ways to avoid nasty chemicals in hair care and damage caused by over washing. Try ultra gentle, synthetic-free lines, like Rahua and Yarok.

For those who love their no ‘poo, go for it! Those of us who still need the comfort of a little chemical treated boost? That’s ok too. You have to do what works for you.

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