The Resurrection: The Twinkie’s (Inevitable) Return from the Dead

It might not come as a huge surprise that Twinkies, the beloved highly processed Hostess sponge cake treat wouldn’t be so easy to kill off. Despite Hostess Brands’ abrupt shut down last year that halted production, the brand’s new owners are prime to return the yellow crème-filled sponge cake to shelves in mid-July.

The news of Hostess’ shutdown spread like the death of a celebrity. Ebay had boxes of the golden cakes for sale in the thousands, and scores of knock-off products (and DIY recipes) flooded the market including the Mrs. Freshley “Dreamies” cream-filled snacks, Little Debbie “Cloud Cakes” and “Bingles”, a product made by Flowers Foods Inc., which purchased some of Hostess’ assets after the bankruptcy, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management, which purchased the bankrupt bakery outfit last year, is bringing Hostess production back on line, albeit at a much smaller scale for now. The Times reports, “Hostess production was reduced from 11 bakery plants to four, and the main headquarters have moved from Texas to Kansas City, Mo.” But it’s enough to deliver Twinkies to shelves across the nation.

“The Sweetest Comeback in History Ever.” Twinkies fans can expect to see those words on the front of new production packaging along with the familiar $3.99 price tag for a box of ten. And some other changes are afoot as well including the addition of dark chocolate to the Hostess CupCakes, and new products could be in the lineup soon.

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Image: Christian Cable