This Breakthrough Certified Organic Skin Care Line is Scientifically Proven to Restore Your Skin (Plus a $500 Giveaway!)

Certified Organic Skin Care

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It’s a beautiful thing when one big idea organically leads to another. That’s exactly what happened when Tarj Mavi, of La Mav Organic Skin Care, set out to create a solution to a common pregnancy related skin issue. The result? A certified organic skincare line that benefits skin of all types and ages.

Sacrificing gorgeous skin for healthy skin care is a thing of the past. Still, how often do you come across a line that is universally beneficial to all skin types, of all ages? Products that offers solutions to most skin concerns with results to back it up? More so, even, than conventional skin care brands.

There is good marketing and there is science-backed, real life proven results. That’s what we are talking about with La Mav Organic Skin Care. Carefully selected, certified organic ingredients, combined with measured research, deliver major healing and supporting effects to skin.

Whether dealing with skin issues like rosacea or hyperpigmentation, looking for anti-aging strategies, or simply maintaining balanced skin, La Mav has products for you. Pure, healthy skin care has never been so advanced.

A True Story of Skin Pigmentation During Pregnancy

This Common Pregnancy Problem Launched This Skin Care Line

Just after the birth of her second child, Tarj Mavi was searching for a cure to the melasma she developed during pregnancy. She used Hydroquinone, a bleaching treatment, on the recommendation of a dermatologist, but was soon left with skin inflammation and extreme photosensitivity.

Disappointed with the lack of options for women dealing with skin pigmentation issues that both delivered results and were safe to use, Mavi decided to tackle the problem herself. She put her extensive background in research and development to use and started to explore safe organic ingredients to treat this skin problem. All of this research, and an earnest passion for natural living, showed that not only do bio-active ingredients work, but often provide even better results than conventional therapies and are healthier too.

Many natural skin care brands are made from ingredients that may have a natural origin but have been processed or combined with other synthetic ingredients, resulting in a not so healthy product. It was important to Mavi that she create La Mav Organic Skin Care products to be held to the strictest standards. Not only are her products made from certified organic ingredients, but locally sourced in Australia, her native country, from the highest quality producers. All La Mav products are also batch made, tested, packaged, and shipped under the watchful eye of this female owned and operated company.

Now back to treating hyperpigmentation. La Mav uses powerful bio-actives targeted specifically to even skin texture and promote radiance. Rumex occidentalis extract, vitamin C, chlorella vulgaris extract, licorice root extract, and cassia alata leaf extract are key ingredients in the range that have proven effects on skin clarity and texture.

“My passion of an eco-friendly world coupled with unmatched tenacity led me to research pure bio-active ingredients and found that they provided the same and often better results as conventional products, but in a way that promotes the ideals and philosophy of an organic lifestyle,” says Mavi.

La Mav also utilizes an innovative Three-Tier Formula™ to deliver superior anti-aging solutions. The unique formula consists of powerful antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, therapeutic grade herbal extracts, and potent essential oils to repair and restore skin at a cellular level.

Tier One includes “essential base ingredients”, like natural oils and plant extracts. Another original idea behind the brand; organic hydrosols are used in place of water for maximum delivery of nutrients. These ingredients nourish and revitalize the skin’s appearance. Tier Two is the “specialty oils,” ingredients like acai pulp oil and tamanu oil. These oils are used to protect, soothe, and hydrate the skin. And Tier Three is made up of certified and natural bio-actives, scientifically proven to repair, restore, and rejuvenate the skin.

La Mav Organic Skin Care Before and After

Talk about a well-rounded line of skin care. You came for the hyperpigmentation solutions and healthy ingredients, and stayed for the robust anti-aging protection and skin supportive bio-actives.

La Mav now offers a comprehensive mineral makeup range, including organic BB Crème, Australia’s best selling organic makeup product. True to form, all La Mav makeup items contain pure organic ingredients and bio-actives, and work well on all skin types. Choose from eyeshadows in four natural hues, mineral powders, bronzer, and lip treatments.

Best news yet? You can try La Mav Organic Skin Care for free. Simply enter our giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a $500 shopping spree at La Mav.

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