This Non-Toxic Hair Salon Saved My Hair

This Non-Toxic Hair Salon Saved My Hair
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Finding the perfect hair salon seemed as unlikely as safely coloring my hair, until now. Enter Aussie- based, toxic-free Original Mineral. Located in the Meatpacking District of NYC, this trendy salon delivers on innovation, aesthetic and results. With over 150 + shades of permanent toxic-free, ammonia-free dyes, Original Mineral is truly at the forefront of clean color.

While most salons are crawling with chemicals, Original Mineral’s mantra is: “Use your head. Healthy hair begins when it’s free from stress. Reduce the chemical overload”.

“Use your head. Healthy hair begins when it’s free from stress. Reduce the chemical overload.”

After multiple hair-raising experiences at “toxic hair salons” (including breakage, damaged ends and dry frizzy hair) reducing chemical overload sounded like a great idea to me. My intention was to achieve the color results I desired without incurring post-coloring consequences like scalp irritation or breakage. Could Original Mineral deliver?

When I arrived, my hair was brittle, brassy and limp. The staff were warm and welcoming and immediately made me feel right at home. Stephanie Clark, my colorist, guided me through every step of the process with professionalism and an impressive level of expertise. She knew that I’d been (literally) burned in the past and was nervous about trying something new.

Stephanie suggested I take my color darker with an ash tone and possibly add some color painting. She informed me that Original Mineral has lighteners that can lift up to 7 levels while still maintaining hair and scalp health. I decided to let Stephanie do what she does best, and off we went. The first thing I noticed upon dye application was that my scalp had no negative or itchy reaction. My confidence in Stephanie and in Organic Mineral only increased from that point forward.

One lovely shampoo and blow-dry later and I was ready. Not only was I able to achieve the desired color, my hair looks and feels healthier, smoother and fuller than when I first walked in the door. The verdict? Original Mineral is IN, “toxic salons” are OUT.

Stephanie Clark’s Before and After Example

Before visiting Stephanie

After Visiting Stephanie

Here are some of my favorite post-color hair treatments:

Innersense Hydrating Hair Masque $30.00

EvolvH Ultra Repair Reconstructing Masque $48.00

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Hair Oil $34.00

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