When Halloween and Braces Collide


Braces are no longer just a teen thing. In fact, roughly half of today’s orthodontic patients are adults. 


Having lived through 4 years of mouth metal back in the day, I know how Halloween treats like caramel apples and popcorn balls can wreak havoc with just a few bites. Is it any coincidence that October is National Orthodontic Health Month? 

The good news: The American Association of Orthodontists has provided the following list of best and worst Halloween treats. 

Orthodontic-Friendly Treats

 Opt for treats that are soft and easy to chew: 

  1. Soft, melt-in-your-mouth chocolates
  2. Peanut butter cups
  3. Milkshakes
  4. Gelatin
  5. Peeled, thinly sliced apples
  6. Ice cream

Treats to Avoid 

Pass on treats that are sticky, hard, chewy or crunchy: 

  1. Caramel
  2. Jelly beans or taffy
  3. Hard pretzels
  4. Bubblegum
  5. Hard candies
  6. Lollipops
  7. Popcorn (including unpopped kernels)
  8. Taco chips
  9. Ice

Of course, anyone who indulges in sweets—with or without braces—should do so in moderation and brush and floss afterward. A diet rich in calcium is also essential to optimum dental health. 

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