Why You Gotta Try Adriana Lima’s Jump Rope Warm-Up

Why You Gotta Try Adriana Lima's Jump Rope Warm-up
<i>Image via Adriana Lima/Instagram</i>

Supermodel Adriana Lima is following in the footsteps of the best old school boxers with her favorite warm-up: jumping rope.

While most people might get their heart pumping with a quick jog on the treadmill, Lima keeps it pretty simple and minimal with her jump rope, according to Self magazine.

If you think that jumping rope is for kids or boxers — or even supermodels — think again. Jumping rope is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that you’re probably not doing. Here are some reasons why you should pick up a rope the next time you’re at the gym.

It Torches Calories

According to Science Daily, ten minutes of skipping rope is about equivalent to running an eight-minute-mile. Which means, unless you can run a mile in under ten minutes, then jumping rope burns more fat than your treadmill habit. Factor in some double-unders (in which the rope makes two passes per jump instead of just one) and you’ll be drenched in sweat in no time.

It Improves Balance and Coordination

Skipping rope successfully means you have to keep a rhythmic pace while jumping on the balls of your feet and keeping your body tight and upright. No wonder one study of young soccer players found that those who included a jump rope routine as part of their workout, opposed to those who just focused on soccer drills, had improved balance and motor coordination.

It’s a Full Body Workout

When you think of jumping rope, most likely you hone in on the ‘jumping’ portion, a.k.a. your legs. While jumping rope will tighten and tone your legs, from your calves to your quads to your hamstrings, it’s a great workout for your upper body, too. You’ll also sculpt your shoulders, abs, and biceps.

It’s Good for Your Bones

Skipping rope is less impactful on your joints than running, which makes it an amazing exercise for giving your joints a break while also increasing bone density. Multiple studies have found that plyometric exercises, like jumping rope, may be effective in increasing bone mineral density.

It’s Affordable

Generally, jump ropes are pretty inexpensive. At the most, you’ll pay less than $20 for a good quality rope. Another bonus? It’s totally portable. Meaning you can take it anywhere and everywhere, from vacations to business trips, indoors or outdoors, so you’ll have zero excuses for keeping your cardio up.

The Takeaway

By being an affordable and effective exercise, there is more than one reason to pick up a jump rope than to try to emulate a supermodel body like Lima’s.

Although that doesn’t hurt, either.

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