YogaWorks and Organic Authority Want You to Sweat and Chill this Summer

YogaWorks studio is a great place to get fit and centered.

Forget the New Year — summer is the time to start new wellness routines. And there’s no better wellness routine than yoga to help you improve your body and mind. So, to help you get fit, centered, and feel overall chill, YogaWorks and Organic Authority have joined forces to bring you a spectacular giveaway.

The winner will receive a one-year National Unlimited Membership to any YogaWorks studio throughout the United States (a value of $1,495), and three lucky winners will win a one-year membership to (a value of $180 each). And all you have to do to become eligible for this great prize is sign up for Organic Authority and YogaWorks’ newsletter.

Oh, and did we mention that everyone who enters to win this awesome giveaway can get a free month of yoga at Yup. Read on for details.

Practicing at YogaWorks is fun.

All About YogaWorks

YogaWorks is designed to make yoga accessible to everyone.

All of YogaWorks’ classes remain authentic to ancient yoga practices while helping people tackle modern challenges. And YogaWorks’ teachers know how to make yoga accessible to everyone while keeping the practice real and fun.

Part of the reason YogaWorks is giving away this amazing package is because YogaWorks is celebrating the opening of its first studio in Washington, D.C., adding to its 50 studios nationwide.

Since its inception in 1990, YogaWorks’ world-class Teacher Training Program has trained more than 10,000 instructors nationwide.

YogaWorks believes yoga is for everyone. It is the company’s mission to honor and embrace each student’s search for personal growth, well-being, and fulfillment by offering the highest quality yoga programs to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Everything YogaWorks does is with love, compassion, a sense of humor, and respect for what each individual can accomplish through yoga and throughout their lives. YogaWorks is also a renowned international teaching school, with a rich history of cultivating some of the best yoga talent around the globe.

MyYogaWorks makes practicing at home a breeze.

And (MYW) is filled with more than 900 videos and tutorials that can help you keep your practice going where ever you travel. MyYogaWorks, which offers access to online yoga and fitness classes from some of the world’s best teachers, allows you the freedom to take class anytime, anywhere.

Sign up

You may be thinking, “there’s a chance I won’t win this giveaway—what’s the point?” Well, everyone who enters the giveaway will get a free month of online yoga at MYW and a free week of yoga at any YogaWorks studio (a value of $15).

Get your free month of online yoga by entering the following information:

  • Go here
  • Use code: YOGA1
  • Offer: First month FREE
  • Fine print: Offer expires 6/30/16. New subscribers only. Credit card required. Cancel anytime.
You'll feel at home practicing at YogaWorks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up for Organic Authority and YogaWorks’ newsletter to become eligible for this amazing package.

Want to see if YogaWorks is in your area? Check out all the company’s locations here. And if you don’t live in one of YogaWorks’ cities, you can always transfer or gift this prize to someone who does.

The giveaway will only run for three weeks, so sign up now!

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