From Our Friends: October 3, 2014

Autumn leaves along a road.

It’s the first Friday of October. So, all you Halloween-decorator holder-outers can finally decorate your home this weekend. But before you start to hang those cobwebs and admire the fall foliage, check out our weekly From Our Friends, our weekly column where we roundup some of OA’s favorite posts, published by our friends and partners around the web.

This week’s post features an article about a brave kid, a blog about a cute, autumn craft, a handy “Gilmore Girl” binge-watching guide, some potentially troubling news about avocados, and a recipe for homemade liquid hand soap. Also: Some good news about the Clooney/Alamuddin wedding photos and some news about how climate change may affect fall foliage.

1. Well, this 5-year-old is braver than me! Watch her give advice to fellow cancer patients. Via HooplaHa.

2. Get your autumn craft on by making this acorn wreath. Via Crafting a Green World.

3. Jezebel has the definitive “Gilmore Girls” binge-watching guide. (All episodes went up on Netflix on October 1.) Note: I do NOT agree that season six and seven stink.

4. Could avocados be draining a community’s drinking water? Civil Eats investigates.

5. You’re going to be washing your hands a lot come flu season. Learn how to make homemade liquid hand soap now! Via Mother Earth News.

6. Here’s some Clooney and Alamuddin news we like: The newly married couple sold their wedding photos to benefit charity. Via Ecorazzi.

7. Climate change will affect fall foliage? Say it isn’t so! Modern Farmer has the information.

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