Effortless Environmentalism: 3 Ways to do Good While Surfing the Web

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Browsing the web may not seem like the most eco-friendly activity you could engage in, but if you use a charity search engine, you could do some real, substantial good just with the click of your mouse. 

Charity search engines generally work by donating a portion of ad revenues to charities. The more you visit and use the websites, the more money gets donated. Here are three we like that donate to environmental causes:

From the Organic Authority Files


GoodSearch.com is kind of the mac daddy of charity search engines. For one thing, you can designate which charity you want your donations to support, and second, you can support your chosen charity in more ways than just searching. The site offers coupons and discounts to many major online retailers with a portion of your purchase supporting the charity of your choice. And their newest offering, GoodDining, allows you to support your charity when you eat out at participating restaurants.


EnviroSearch.org bills itself as an "environmentally friendly" search engine. The search engine's ad revenue goes directly to CarbonFund.org, which funds environmental projects worldwide. The search function is powered by Bing and the ads are provided by Yahoo!.

The Eco Key

If you'd like to green your search results, and not just the search itself, you can use TheEcoKey.com, which has a built-in eco filter to help you find eco-friendly products and services. In addition, 40 percent of the company's profits are donated to charities that help clean up the planet.

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