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3 Ways Urine Therapy May Possibly Enhance Your Health (After You Stop Gagging)

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There are some outlandish beauty and health treatments out there, but by far the most bizarre may be the use of urine in treating relatively common ailments. Urine therapy may be only for the brave, but for the rest of us, it’s quite entertaining and enlightening to learn why our everyday pee may not be pure waste. Here are 3 ways in which urine is used as a health and beauty therapy.

Urine therapy is based on the belief that urine is a healthy fluid of sorts and can actually have a healing effect on the body (from which it came--don't use someone else's pee). For thousands of years, urine has been used in many cultures as a health treatment. Greeks and Romans used urine as tooth whitener while other cultures used it to clean wounds or to comprise chemical formulas. Today, animal urine can still be found in some medications and creams. Urine theorists claim that urine can treat more than 175 health conditions.

Urine therapy goes against common acceptance of urine as a “waste.” However, unlike stool, urine is not a toxic waste and while it does contain a small amount of waste, it is generally sterile. Drinking small amounts of urine will not harm you, although you may not be psychologically ready to do so. Urine is 95 percent water and the remaining 5 percent is a mixture of hormones, minerals, acids, vitamins and other ingredients, with levels that vary depending on what you consume and what the state of your body is in. If you take prescription drugs or are pregnant, levels of certain compounds will vary accordingly.

Evidence is scant as to whether urine helps the following three conditions. However, these are concepts to consider. When push comes to shove, perhaps your very own pee could be your saving grace. Here are 3 ways urine therapy may benefit you.

1. Treat Acne

There are endless natural remedies to dealing with acne, but urine tops the list as the strangest and, well, most disgusting. Urine contains corticosteroids, ammonia, salt and magnesium, bicarbonate, vitamin C, iodine, urea and zinc, all of which have been shown to help control acne. Massaging your skin with urine or consuming it daily is said to abolish acne.

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2. Improve heart health

Urine contains an enzyme called urokinase, which is known to bolster the bloodstream that travels from certain heart arteries to muscle. The enzyme is often used as a drug to dissolve blood clots. Urine offers a natural way to attain the benefits of urokinase.

3. Fight cancer

Urea is found in urine and has been considered an alternative cancer treatment. Urea helps to prevent cancer cells from grouping together, killing them by disrupting their metabolic activity.

Would you use your pee in a "therapeutic" way?

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