7 Signs You’re On Your Way to Hangry

7 Signs You're on Your Way to Hangry

Admit: you get a little hangry. Science explains it as behavior resulting from a drop in blood sugar, making it difficult to pay attention or act appropriately since glucose (sugar) is a vital nutrient of the brain. But most of us know it as hunger + angry, and for most of us, it is not a pretty sight.

Here are seven of the signs that you’ll experience when you’re on your way to hangry so you can grab some nutritious food stat!

1. You Can’t Concentrate

Your computer screen is suddenly blurry, you can’t type out an email, or even find the right emoji to complement your witty text to your friend (which isn’t actually that witty because you’re having trouble stringing words together).


2. You Stomach is Growling Like a Bag of Cats

It’s loud and aggressive, and it hurts. Your stomach literally hurts because it’s empty and angry.


3. You’re Impatient AF

Everyone seems to be in slo-mo and you are not having it. The car in front of you is driving extra sloooow, the train is late and you can’t help but take it personally, your husband is talking too much about his boring day at work, and ohmygod why is he breathing so loudly? More importantly, why is everyone being the absolute worst right now (but you, of course)?


4. You’re Irrational About Everything

You can’t untie your shoes fast enough. Your bra’s too tight. You swear that golden retriever in the park gave you a dirty look so you gave her one right back, and now you broke a nail and you’re literally in tears. Why is everything happening to you?!


5. Everything Looks Delicious

You’re so hungry that you would devour your co-worker’s bag of cough drops if they would let you.


6. You Go Crazy With the Food Apps

Never mind work: you want to know who can deliver food the fastest. UberEats? Skip the Dishes? You’ll order from them all! (And probably regret it later, but oh well!)


7. You Feel No Guilt Stealing Candy From a Baby

Even if it’s your own baby. #NoRegrets


If this sounds like you, we hate to break it to you but are definitely hangry. Though you might want to reach for the quick-to-satisfy carbs like bread, bagels, donuts, and cupcakes, your best bet is to reach for something more nutritious and satiating, like a small handful of nuts or a small serving of hummus and veggies. You got this! You can conquer the hangry like a champ.

And without killing anyone.

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