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9 Holiday Hangover Cures

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Eat, drink and be merry... and you will feel it in the morning. Along with holiday cheer often comes too many cocktails - but this is no season to wallow in bed and feel miserable. Follow these guidelines and cure your holiday hangover faster than you can say, "Who wants some nog?"

Hangover prevention:

The best way to cure a hangover is not to have one in the first place. The most popular hangover, the "Oh-God-I-am-never-drinking-again" variety, is caused when the overconsumption of alcohol dehydrates your body so much that the sack of fluid that surrounds your brain is drained. That pounding headache is actually your brain hitting up against your skull because there is no fluid to cushion it. Ouch.

You can prevent an alcohol hangover almost completely if you stay well enough hydrated during your drink-athon. Always consume plenty of water along with your alcohol, which is easy to do at a dinner but slightly harder out at a party. And remember: the darker the alcohol, the worse your hangover will be. Though less fun, you may want to give ourChilled Holiday Nog (Raw)a try.

When you get home from your holiday party:

Down a giant glass of water and pop two tablets of ibuprofen (like Advil). Never take acetaminophen tablets (like Tylenol) when you have been drinking alcohol, because it could hurt your liver. If possible, eat something plain, small and filling like half of a sandwich or a cup of potato soup. Don't forget to put a glass of water by your bed for when you wake up in the middle of the night with cottonmouth.

The morning after:

Of course if you really hung one on, you might have just crashed into bed. You need fluids ASAP: water, juice and sports drinks with electrolytes are all good choices.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Once you get some liquids down, you will need more sustenance. Here are a few different options:

Herbal Method: For centuries, herbs have been used to cure hangovers. Sip tea made with fennel, centaury leaf or peppermint, or drink a willow bark tonic.

Natural Method: If you don't like taking ibuprofen or other chemicals to soothe your hangover, you can try a shot of wheat grass or take a detoxifying bath in mustard or wasabi powder.

Ancient Method: Tiger Balm is a 100% herbal remedy for muscle pains, headaches, stomachaches and heartburn whose recipe dates back to the time of Chinese emperors. Dab a little on your temples for immediate relief.

Healer's Method: A good foot rub will not only cure your aches and pains, but will also help your liver to speed up detoxification. Focus on the outer edge of the right foot, about halfway between your toes and the middle of your foot.

Yoga Method: Poses that incorporate twisting motions will help purge toxins from the liver and body. Even those who don't know yoga will benefit from slowly twisting the arms and torso from side to side.

Writer's Method: It may not be science, but nothing cures my hangover like a big glass of orange juice (vitamin C), a bigger cup of black coffee and a delicious greasy breakfast, preferably at an organic-friendly establishment out with friends – so you can all rehash the fabulous night that got you into this situation in the first place!

Good luck, be safe and be merry!

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