How to Break a Sweat Even When You’re Crunched for Time


Is work insane this week? Does your family have you overbooked for the holiday? Well, the last thing you should do is cancel your daily workout. Having this pre-scheduled time to break a sweat may be one of the only things keeping you sane. Also it’s a slippery slope: Once you start to put your daily workout on the back burner, it’s easier and easier to just stop doing it.

Now, you may not be able to take in that long workout we all desire, but you can carve out some time every day to break a sweat. Remember: Something is better than nothing!

1. Get in, get out, get on with your day

Pick a workout that you can easily do anytime, anywhere. It’s easy to pack a pair of running shoes, a sports bra and some shorts in your car so you can be ready to get that run in whenever you have an extra 30 minutes. It’s equally easy to memorize some bodyweight workouts that you can do when you have a lull in your day.

2. Put it on your schedule

I don’t know about you, but once I place something on my schedule, I tend to never break the date. Working out is just as important as working. In fact, working out will keep your body and mind in shape, and ready to take on every day stresses. So, try making a daily “break a sweat” appointment with yourself – it very well may be the best time you plan.

3. Do something – not nothing

We’ve all said to ourselves, “I only have 15 minutes to workout – that’s not worth it.” Well, guess what? It is worth it! Every little bit of time you have that you can dedicate to working out is important – no matter how short.

4. Consider walking, running or biking to work

Now, this option doesn’t work for people who have to commute via highway or long distances, but if your job is within walking distance, consider hoofing it there. Just make sure you leave a bit early to give yourself time to towel off and change once you make it to the office.

5. Work it at work

Whether you take your lunch break to do a quick workout, or sit on a stability ball while working, it’s considered working out. Fitness Magazine suggests keeping some dumbbells at your desk and a mat near your chair so you can do some reps, or some crunches, while concocting your next great idea.

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