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How to Treat Heat Rash Naturally with a Lavender Bath

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It's the peak of summer. Do you know how to treat heat rash?

The sweltering heat is sometimes inescapable. Perhaps you didn’t end up protecting your skin as recommended, but maybe you’re of the sensitive skin ilk and were doomed from the start. However it happened, it’s a done deal, and you’re now dealing with a heat rash. Instead of offering tips on how to prevention, let’s skip straight on to how to treat heat rash.

A heat rash develops in response to an internal temperature imbalance. The skin will try to cool the body down by releasing sweat, which will subsequently evaporate, leaving your body cooler than before. However, a heat rash occurs when the ducts of sweat glands become clogged and sweat is unable to get to the surface of the skin. With heat trapped beneath the skin’s surface, a mild inflammation or rash develops.

To treat a heat rash naturally, you want to keep your body cool and expose it to fresh air. This means wearing light-weight cotton clothing and avoiding synthetic materials. Get yourself out of any situation that causes you to sweat. Once you’ve achieved those, next prepare an essential oil remedy bath!

Certain therapeutic grade essential oils harness anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties. By applying them onto your skin, you are able to reduce the soreness and itchiness associated with the rash. Feel free to replace the lavender oil in this recipe with chamomile, peppermint or eucalyptus essential oil. This recipe is fit for children above the age of 12 and adults.

Heat Rash Therapy: Lavender Bath

For one bath


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While you are filling the bathtub with warm (on the cooler side) water, add the ingredients and give the tub a good whirl with your feet. Once the tub is full, lie in it for at least 30 minutes before patting your skin clean. Do not make the bath hot – it should be cool, and only slightly warm to make it comfortable.

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