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For the friend who couldn't get enough of 2020’s sourdough bread craze. For the buddy who can't stop binging the latest season of the Great British Bake-Off. For the friend whose confinement banana bread habit has turned into a head-over-heels love of baking... have we got the gift guide for you.

This guide is perfect for people who always seek out the most sustainable products. For those who are forever mindful about what they’re putting in their body. For those who absolutely love artisan-crafted products made with care. The time has come to thank those people for all of the hand-delivered loaves of bread, all the cookies left on your doorstep.

These nine gift options are perfect for any baker bestie in your life who's ready to upgrade their kitchenware collection and start baking with style.

Made In Bakeware The Nancy Silverton Collection

Made In Bakeware The Nancy Silverton Collection

1. Made In's Nancy Silverton Collection Bakeware

If you’re looking for gorgeous, artisan crafted bakeware made lovingly in France from a French porcelain recipe that’s over 200 years old, you can’t go wrong with Made In Bakeware The Nancy Silverton Collection.

Designed in collaboration with celebrity chef and baker Nancy Silverton, the set includes a 9x13" rectangular baking dish with a delicate blue wave pattern (perfect for your next vegetarian lasagna), a 10x6" oval dish finished with Olive Flora (aka the new home for your homemade mac and cheese), and the cute 8x8" square dish that will bake your next batch of homemade brownies.

This set is oven safe up to 650F, and it's also microwave and freezer safe. Thermal shock resistant and naturally non-stick, this is a set that was built to last. 

Staub bowl

Staub’s 2-Piece Ceramic Bowl Prep Set.

2. Staub’s 2-Piece Ramekin Set

For the cutest bakeware around, turn to Staub’s ramekin set, made from trusty, oven-safe ceramic. You may know Staub for high-quality cast iron, but this ceramic bakeware is gorgeous and, thanks to the ancient technique of vitreous porcelain enamel finishing, it's durable too. These ramekins are scratch-resistant, moisture-resistant, and ideal for evenly diffusing or retaining heat.

This Staub ramekin set is able to tackle your oven, broiler, microwave, freezer and dishwasher with ease. The set comes with two 8-fluid-ounce ramekins, and while they’re great for baking, these hip little dishes would look great on any dessert plate, filled with a delicious molten lava cake or custard. Choose from red, white, or dark blue. 

made in rollling pin

Made In French Rolling Pin

3. Made In French Rolling Pin

You can’t roll out a pie crust for grandma’s apple pie or prep sugar cookie dough without a rolling pin – and for your baker buddy, only the best will do. This one is made from beechwood, one of the most sustainable types of wood around. Made in the French tapered style, the ends of this rolling pin are smaller in diameter, so they’re easier to control. The resulting dough will be perfectly even in thickness for the ideal cookies or crusts.

Another perk? As this rolling pin comes from sustainably-minded Made In, you can actually recycle your old cookware for free when you place an order. Consider it a second gift – not just to your friend, but to the planet!

xtrema loaf pan

Xtrema Loaf Dish

4. Xtrema Loaf Dish

For everything from apple cake to zucchini bread, meatloaf to marble cake, this  sleek and modern loaf dish from Xtrema is the ideal gift. Xtrema’s loaf pans are hand made using 100 percent natural ceramic minerals. And with no polymers, glues, dyes or coatings, this pan is ideal for breads, cakes, dips or lasagna your friend might want to bake. It also distributes heat evenly and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, so it’s easy to use and even easier to clean.

This versatile piece will remain a staple long after winter baking has reached its end. In fact, it can go somewhere most pans can’t: the barbecue. That’s right, this PFOA-free, PTFE-free, lead- and cadmium-free loaf dish is perfect for a smoked meatloaf! It’s also stain-proof and scratch-proof, for a beautiful, long-lasting dish through summer grilling and winter chilling months for many years to come. 

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From the Organic Authority Files

Ceramic coated bakeware by Caraway

Caraway's Bakeware Set. 

5. Caraway Bakeware Set

There’s nothing you can’t bake with Caraway's healthy bakeware set. Their non-toxic, mineral-based coating won’t chip or melt, and because the materials are naturally nonstick, you can say goodbye to greasy baking spray or hours of after-dinner soaking and scrubbing. 

Caraway is also a certified member of an international social responsibility partnership called BSCI, meaning that its employees enjoy equitable benefits and work reasonable hours that they’re paid fairly for. What’s not to love?

Caraway’s enormous bakeware set (available in whole or half) can equip your entire kitchen for years to come, and the larger set even comes with it’s own organizers. You can also purchase items individually, like a large baking sheet for $55 or medium for $40.

staub cast iron baker

Staub Mini Cast Iron Baker.

6. Staub Mini Cast Iron Baker

Here we have another diminutive win for Staub: the miniature cast iron baker. Staub’s world-famous cast iron pan has been shrunken down to the perfect, pint-sized gift that’s both functional and beautiful. Each piece is one of a kind, made by hand in France, and the rough texture of the surface is perfect for a crisp surface on anything from mini focaccias to baked brie.

While cast iron used to be difficult to maintain, thankfully, the times have changed. If the mini cast iron baker’s completely adorable design wasn’t enough, this little pan shatters all preconceived notions about cast iron, as it requires no seasoning and is dishwasher-safe to boot.

greenpan donut pan

GreenPan’s Donut Pan.

7. GreenPan’s Donut Pan

When you think of donuts, your first thought is probably the greasy, trans fat-filled convenience store snacks of yore. But donut recipes aren’t all dripping with grease – and GreenPan donut pan allows you to craft your own delightful donuts right at home. Use it to test our our recipes for gluten free cinnamon donuts or vegan donuts with coconut cream glaze.

GreenPan's Thermolon technology was the first patented non-toxic ceramic non-stick. To wit, these pans are devoid of plastic, PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. In addition to being the global leader in safe cookware, winning dozens of awards for ingenuity, GreenPan’s main factory runs on 30 percent solar energy – with a goal of one day running on solar power alone. Now that's green!

staub pastry brush

Staub Pastry Brush

8. Staub Pastry Brush

Every baker needs a good pastry brush, and this sleek matte black one happens to be made of eco-friendly, non-stick and long lasting silicone that won’t melt or crumble all over your homemade baked goods. It’s perfect for applying an egg wash to your pies or pastries and evenly distributing both dry and wet seasonings over veggies. The flexible, heat-resistant bristles can apply marinade to steaks right on the grill or butter to your garlic knots, fresh out of the oven.

Since silicone never stains, and thanks to its non-stick texture, this brush is incredibly easy to clean. However, because of the acacia wood handle, it’s best to keep your new pastry brush away from the dishwasher.

henckels whisk

Henckels Stainless Steel Whisk

9. Henckels Stainless Steel Whisk

Every baker needs a good whisk, and Henckels has created a durable stainless steel model at an affordable price. Made of shiny, stunning 18/10 stainless steel, this dishwasher-safe whisk comes with a hanging loop to make storage easy as pie (get it?) 

This whisk isn’t just beautiful, but it also comes from a company that cares. Transparency is the name of the game with Zwilling, whose 2020 sustainability report shows just how much of an impact its production has on the environment. The report explores the company's work towards all carbon-neutral warehouses and less plastic in packaging, showing Zwilling's commitment to improving its impact on the environment.

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*Affiliate disclosure: Our team researched far and wide to find safe and clean bakeware options you’ll love using for all kinds of sweets and treats. If you make a purchase after clicking our links, Organic Authority may earn a commission, which goes a long way to support the good work our team does and reduces the number of ads we serve (as well as our Valrhona Chocolate habit.)

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