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First Tweets and Comments of 2011!

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Happy New Year! It's been great getting back to the grind and reconnecting with all of you, post-holiday season. We loved hearing about all of your celebrations, as well as your eco-resolutions for the new year! We have tons of cool things happening on OA in the very near future that involves YOU! Have a great weekend and stay tuned!


Thanks again for being the best organic community on the web! Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our Twitter Favs of the Week:

  • @man_vs_world: @OrganicAuthorit Heck yeah! We're working on building green roofs in Pittsburgh - very exciting!
  • @David97504: @OrganicAuthorit Ok, im hungry as it is and you are talking about Lavendar scented chocolate? I'll be right over lol
  • @KristineGarina: @OrganicAuthorit Waist-high snow and wayyy below freezing! Quite nice, at least every trip out of the house is an adventure! :)
  • @BusyChica: @fedupwithlunch @OrganicAuthorit I so agree with banning food coloring, wish that the FDA would do the same here!!!
  • @Hisgirl1: @OrganicAuthorit I never thought of putting lemon juice in mine. Working on some nice ones for Valentines Day keep your eyes open~Blessings
  • @KristineGarina: Finally some good news for those with a cold & flu ;) RT @OrganicAuthorit: Sexual Healing for Cold & Flu Prevention:
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From the Organic Authority Files

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:


We love when members of our community are able to reach out and help each other, and fortunately we see a lot of that over at Organic Authority! Here are some of our favorite Facebook posts from the last week:

  • Jacob Litoff I had no trouble stickin' to my diet... Macrobiotic and vegan now for 33 years. Piece of cake...But noone wanted to have much to do with me since I wouldn't go out to all the local bars and fast food restaurants. What can I say, there is a price we have to pay to stay healthy!
  • Deb Malyss Yes...many. I will not eat anything unless it is organic or free range/humane. I plan to try to grow some of my own veggies. I continue to spread the word about Monsanto and industrial farming. I am starting Water Kefir Grains. I will not use plastic bags. I am promising to lessen my carbon footprint as much as possible this year.
  • Evelyn Woodward Olah Signing up with Cane Creek Farm to be a share cropper at a sustainable farm, buy local as often as possible, buying mostly from Natural Foods Warehouse, using my recycled grocery bags at ALL times and trying to be more conscientious about what kind of packaging I am buying (as in no more plastics, styrene, etc.) AND I hope to return to juicing, Raw foods and home baked bread. This is the year!!!!
  • Joy Melissa Young This year i will not be buying anything from a store. If i can't grow it or get it locally, i won't eat or drink it! I refuse to give my family anything touched by monsanto or a pharmaceutical company this yr! I also refuse to give up my freedom of any kind, be it speech or rights. Health, Happiness & Abundant Blessings 2 All.
  • Mirjam Martens Start planting my own veggies again in May!
  • Jude Piser I make my own hand sanitizer with a base of witch hazel (2 oz.) add Tea Tree Oil (10 drops), Lavender (10 drops), Eucalyptus (10 drops). You don't have to add all the oils, you can add just one or 2 or all. Put in a GLASS spray bottle...shake and spray hands! I carry mine in my car for those times I can't wash.

See you in Tweet Land or on the "Wall!"

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