Laura's Favs: Tweets and Comments (August 17, 2012)

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Happy Friday! If you're new to OA, we take time once a week to thank our fans for all the posts, comments, and tweets they leave us every week. Don't forget to follow us on Pinterest and Google+ to stay up to date on all our social networks! Thank you all :) Have a wonderful weekend!

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve, please share.

Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our TwitterFavs of the Week:

  • @NurseCag: A few facts to encourage support for small farms! Eat local! Can Farmers Markets Save our Economy?… via @OrganicAuthorit
  • @Yuliya_Monet: @OrganicAuthorit great article on breakfast recipe idea. I need to buy some of that mix its sounds good and its a great idea.
  • @MrsHealthyMama: @OrganicAuthorit @MarielHemingway @StopMonsantoMov donated and am promoting. You guys on twitter taught me about GMO's. Thank you for that.
  • @tallenmarketing: @ecosalon @OrganicAuthorit good question & article - here is hoping that farmers markets at the very least help us have sustainable food
  • @glutenfreebooty: @OrganicAuthorit The basil in my herb garden is growing out of control. I have a ton. Happy to see these 11 uses for Summer Basil.

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:

  • Mark Schondelmaier As for grating the bar soap (I like Fels-Naptha), I use an old food processor and grate it like cheese. Then, I change the attachment to the blade setting and add the grated soap with the other powders and it all mixes together like sand. I make a big batch and it keeps well in a plastic tub.
  • Sandy Spina Just found this page, love it! So many great tips on eathing healthy, thank you for sharing! I not only watch the food but also what I put on the skin! Trying to age without health issues down the road

  • Nora M Kelly Thanks for posting from someone who can't stand Febreeze.
  • Deborah Painter Baska Great ideas!! I love working out at home! No stinky gyms for me! What kind of workouts do you do Elizabeth?

See you in Tweet Land or on the "Wall!"

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