Laura’s Favs: Tweets and Comments (November 8, 2013)

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  • Denise Watters I did use my carrot tops this year when I harvested my carrots. I am learning so much form my fb sites. Yes I am going more organic, self reliant, and gardening more again. I use to garden when my kids were still at home. Back doing it since I do not like what is happening to our food. [Cooking with Food Waste: Foodie Underground, via]

  • Ana Albala This would be a great Christmas gift. Thank You! [We’re giving away another Vitamix]
  • Jason Lammers I buy all my meats from trusted local small businesses. All Grass Fed/Finished Beef & Pork not feed GMO feed and raised on small farms that are humanely raised. Tastes way better and way better for you too. [Put Down the Pork Chops! US Pork is Hazardous to Your Health]
  • Jul Nahl Stop this GMO madness NOW. [37 Million Bee Deaths in Canada Linked to GMOs ]
  • Jackie Loyd I love using plain organic whole Milk yogurt. It’s also great for all over moisturizing by just applying it to the skin and just rinsing with water. Also great to treat or prevent yeast infections and diaper rash as applied to the skin. As I’m allergic to cow milk I found goat milk and sheep yogurt to be a great alternative to cows milk. [How To Get Rid Of Split Ends: 3 Natural Recipes]

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