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Tweets and Facebook Chatter (March 11, 2011)

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We have a great time doing what we do here at Organic Authority. We love that Kristen Conner Pardue is our March Everyday Eco Star, because her story is AMAZING. Have you read it yet? We also love getting to talk with you all week, it is sincerely our pleasure. That's the reason why we like to post our favorite comments and tweets every week, to try and give back to you all for being so vocal. Thanks again for being the best darned organic community on the web.

If you have any thoughts or ideas about how we can improve, please share!


Here are some of our favorite social network highlights from the week:

Our Twitter Favs of the Week:

  • @TrixiMenage: & of course thats why i had brussels sprouts for lunch lol @OrganicAuthorit RT 5 Foods That Help Fight &Prevent Cancer:
  • @ChefCindi: Minus yogurt these are vegan friendly RT @OrganicAuthorit: Who Needs Butter for Baking When u Have Avocado? & Other Subs

  • @marytreece: Sick! I never want 2 eat again Anorexia is lookin good.RT @OrganicAuthorit: I'm Eating What?! Gross Hidden Foodstuffs:

  • @xinorestaurant: now we just need one for dim sum lovers... RT @organicauthorit: Jacques Torres Launches iPhone App for Chocoholics

  • @laraadler: Suuuper nasty! Beaver anus? No tkx! RT @LisaBorden: Eww RT @organicauthorit: I'm Eating What?! Gross Hidden Foodstuffs:
  • @makelefleur: @OrganicAuthorit Society puts too much pressure on kids to play sports and not for the fun of it either, just let kids be kids...period!
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From the Organic Authority Files

Our Facebook Favs of the Week:


We love when members of our community are able to reach out and help each other. Here are some of our favorite Facebook posts from the last week:

  • Kristin Pope i was JUST put on a gluten free die/ NO caffeine by my doctor and my body feels different already (it's been about 6 days) i really appreciate any articles about gluten-free because i am having to learn how to properly eat now. :)
  • Liesl Greathouse Sadly, yes, I know several kids, and teens, who are WAY to busy with every sport, group and work imaginable. And their homeschooled! That is what really bugs me is when homeschooled kids are just as busy, even more so, than kids who spend 6 hours a day in school.
  • Shanna Toft-Johnson Oh, wow - the rest of the world can go "Hakuna Matata" - but I'd rather stick to things that are not "slimy, yet satisfying" - give me a veggie burger over a cricket any day! :)
  • Frederica Huxley There is a wonderful system called EasiYo - delicious homemade yogurt that takes 3 minutes to make and then it sits in boiling water in its vacuum flask overnight before going in the fridge. Nothing added - all pure! The Greek yogurt is sublime.
  • Mary Buckley I'm seriously considering this change.. I have had problems described in the text I have found.. thinking a change would be good.. thank you for the info!
  • Amanda Lininger You can do more good eating local, organic meat than saying no altogether. You don't change the status quo if you don't participate with it. imo.

See you in Tweet Land or on the "Wall!"

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