11 Delightful DIY Ideas for Using Stencil Designs in Your Home

Looking to add a little visual interest to your home decor? Tired of looking at plain walls, floor and furnishings? Want to do something that will make visitors go “WOW”? Then consider using stencil designs to add color, pattern and design to your home.

Stencil designs are a way that those of us who enjoy doing artistic things, but who can’t draw or paint to save our lives, can be creative. Stencils are really easy to use, even for the inexperienced, and you can get create a lot of impact by using stencils. Using stencil designs can add a lot of artistic elements to your home, but is so forgiving that even the most non-crafty of folks can create beautiful designs. It’s can also be budget-friendly.

Here are 11 delightful decorative stencil designs that you can use in your home.

  1. Stencil an accent wall – Create a dramatic impact by stenciling one wall with a detailed patterned.
  2. Stencil Pillow – Create your message on a fabric pillow to welcome guests.
  3. Stenciled Leather Bar Stools – Add some stencil designs to plain bar stools to create a custom look.
  4. DIY Moroccan Stencil Wall – Make your own stencil from some cardboard to recreate this Moroccan design.
  5. Stenciled USA Map Wall Art – Make your own patriotic wall art with this clever stencil project.
  6. Stenciled “Inlay” Table – Give your dining table that gorgeous inlay look by stenciling it.
  7. Stenciled Rug – Turn a boring rug into a work of art with stencil designs.
  8. Herringbone Side Table – Transform a less than perfect side table into a delicious art deco piece using stencils.
  9. “Cane” Dresser – Use a sheet of caning as a stencil to create a unique pattern on a dresser in need of love.
  10. Reverse Stencil Coffee Table – Use a stencil to create a reverse stencil design like in this coffee table project.
  11. Stenciled Lampshade – Elevate a plain lampshade by decorating it with stencil designs.

Where to Buy Stencils?

Besides the obvious retailers, like Lowes, Michaels and the like, here are some great shops that sell stencil designs.

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