13 Clever Spring Cleaning Hacks to Clear Out the Cobwebs

Spring cleanign hacks and tips.

We’ve survived another winter. We’ve seen the last of snow (hopefully), moved the clocks forward and have already begun to plan out the vegetable gardens. That means it is time to turn our attention to spring cleaning. Spring is the time to clear out the cobwebs, clean up and declutter. Make your home shiny and new again.

Here are some spring cleaning tips for making your own non-toxic homemade cleaners, useful repurposing ideas and just general clever cleaning ideas to make cleaning and freshening your home as simple as possible.

  1. Citrus Floor Cleaner – Been putting off cleaning the floors all winter (they just get dirty again)? Make your own citrus non-toxic floor cleaner.
  2. Shower Head Cleaner – To clean mineral deposit buildup on your shower head, simply use baking soda and vinegar to get it clean.
  3. DIY Swiffer Mop – Swiffer mops are really useful, but wasteful as heck. To get around that, simply repurpose fleece as reusable “Swiffer” cloths on any old Swiffer-type mop.
  4. Pillowcase Ceiling Fan Duster – Cleaning ceiling fan blades can be quite a chore, but use old pillowcases instead and it’s quite a breeze.
  5. Simple Microwave Cleaner – Use vinegar and lemons for a scrub-free microwave cleaning solution. Of course, you should clean the microwave more often than just when spring cleaning.
  6. Remove Rust spots from Knives – Use lemon juice to remove rust spots from knives and other utensils.
  7. Stove Cleaner – Here’s a handy infographic for making your own stove cleaner.
  8. How to Clean Between Oven Glass – In case you are super motivated, here’s a tutorial for cleaning the glass in your oven door.
  9. Clean Your Laptop – Repurpose old makeup brushes to clean in between laptop keys. Perfect for those who snack and surf.
  10. Make Stainless Sinks Sparkle – To really make those stainless sinks shine, all you need is salt and lemons.
  11. Homemade Goo Gone – Make homemade Goo Gone simply with coconut oil and baking soda.
  12. Deodorize the Garbage Disposal – Use lemons, ice cubes and baking soda to freshen your disposal.
  13. Clean Ventilation Blinds – Cleaning the blinds is one of the most thankless chores. Make is easier when spring cleaning by using vinegar and an old sock. Works like a charm.

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