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19 Chalkboard Paint Projects for Around the Home

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I am a big fan of using what you’ve got and of not wasting resources. To that end, I recently purchased some chalkboard paint to freshen the chalkboard I painted in our kitchen, and that means I need to come up with other uses for chalkboard paint around my house. I like the stuff a lot, and have used it for a variety of other projects, so making good use of it shouldn’t be a problem for me. Basically, if something is in my house, it runs the risk of being painted with chalkboard paint. I’ve turned my walls, jars, paper, jewelry, salvaged wood, pumpkins and more into chalkboards!

Have you used it? It can be quite addictlve. Here are a few ideas for using chalkboard paint around your home.

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  1. Walls - Paint your walls with chalkboard paint and never look for a piece of paper for your grocery list again. You can even snap a pic of your chalkboard list with your phone when going shopping.
  2. Painted Pumpkins - A great idea for little children to get involved with pumpkin decorating. Paint the pumpkins, let them dry and let children decorate with chalk.
  3. Reusable Advent Calendar - I made a reusable advent calendar from cardstock, branches and a large glass jar.
  4. Mason Jar Labels - A great way to reuse jars and keep them labeled.
  5. Serving Tray - Guest will never again ask, “What kind of cheese is this?
  6. Inspiration Stones - Gather flat stones, paint them with chalkboard paint and label them with inspirational messages. Gift them or pile them on the coffee table in a basket.
  7. Garden Stakes - Chalkboard painted garden stakes can be reused!
  8. Bedroom Doors - Paint the doors to your child’s room and let them decorate it themselves.
  9. Kitchen Cabinets - Now at Thanksgiving, your Aunt Sara will know where the glassware is stored when helping to put the dishes away.
  10. Recycling Bin Labels - Keep guests from throwing trash into the recycling bin by labeling it.
  11. Lamps - Paint your lamp bases and decorate with chalk for a truly customized look.
  12. Bunting - Here's an idea for your next birthday party--reusable bunting.
  13. Tabletop - If you have a less than perfect dining room or kitchen table, consider painting it with chalkboard paint. You can even chalk on your own placemats!
  14. Dresser/Sideboard Drawers - This way you won’t forget what drawer the candlesticks are stored in.
  15. Nametags - For your next social function, consider chalkboard nametags to help break the ice.
  16. Frames - Easily label those framed family photos on the stairway with chalkboard painted frames.
  17. Wine Glass Labels - Who needs wine glass charms with chalkboard paint dipped wine glasses?
  18. Subway Tile Backsplash - Want a fancy backsplash, but don’t have the funds to create one? Create a blackboard subway tile backsplash instead.
  19. Calendar - Create a blackboard painted reusable calendar to help keep you organized.

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