4 Christmas Tree Food Ornaments for a Delicious Tree

Christmas tree food ornaments can make lovely additions to your holiday decor.

You’ve picked out your Christmas tree of choice and now it’s time to decorate. Which style are you going for this year: tinsel and shine, rustic charm and twine, or full of family relics? With all of the styles out there to go with, here’s yet another to consider: food! Because, as the food lovers that we are, sometimes looking at and admiring food is as enjoyable as eating it. And with food-based Christmas tree decorations, you can admire your delicious tree all season long (no snacking allowed!).

Here are four ideas for making Christmas tree food ornaments.

1. Popcorn. Perhaps one of the most familiar old-timey food ornaments we remember from our childhood are popcorn strings. Fun, cheap, and easy to put together, popcorn strings are classic. To make them, simply use a needle and thread to string together day-old unseasoned popcorn.

2. Dehydrated fruit slices. Available at specialty grocery stores, dehydrated fruit slices are ready to go on your tree! Simply poke a small piece of twine, jute, or ribbon through the center of the fruit slice, tie into a bow or knot, and hang. If you can’t find these at the store, make your own: Thinly slice fruit of choice (apple, pear, and any citrus are perfect) and dehydrate on a baking sheet in the oven at 200F degrees for 2 to 4 hours, until just crisp.

3. Clove-studded citrus balls. To add both character and an incredible holiday aroma to your tree, homemade clove-studded citrus are the way to go. Simply take a whole citrus (orange, clementime, whatever you like) and stick whole cloves into the surface rind all over the fruit. Cover the whole fruit or make your own designs as you decorate the fruit in clove swirls. Then wrap a piece of string or yarn around the citrus, as though you’re wrapping a present, to make the fruit secure. Then tie a loop and hang. (This is a great ornament for kids to help with, too!)

4. Cinnamon-scented cookies. If you’ve never had the pleasure of hanging cinnamon cookie ornaments, you’re in for a real treat! These are basically baked cinnamon and applesauce cookies that smell ahh-mazing. To make them: Mix equal parts ground cinnamon and applesauce in a mixing bowl (one cup each should be fine). Using your hands, mix together until you make a thick, dense dough. It will be messy and take some time, so be patient and don’t give up! Once it forms into dough, roll into dough and roll out as you would regular cookie dough. Use gingerbread men and other fun ornament-shaped cookie cutters to cut into desired shapes. Make a hole for the string later by poking the top of each ornament with a toothpick. Place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet and dehydrate 2-3 hours, until dried and firm. Remove and cool completely. Finally, string with ribbon or yarn and hang!

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