5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Turn Any Home Into a Smart Home

5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Turn Any Home Into a Smart Home

Even if we were in a position to setup our home a la “The Jetsons,” it would probably cost a bajillion dollars… though Rosie the robot-maid would be worth it and then some. Luckily, there are plenty of budget-friendly options out there for both home owners and renters alike.

Here are five affordable ways to turn your humble abode into a smart home:

1. Belkin WeMo Plugs

The Belkin WeMo line is at the top of the affordable smart home food chain. From plugs to switches to crock pots to coffee makers, the products range in price from $30 to $300, making it easy for you to buy as much or as little as you need. One of the brand’s most popular sells are insight switches that connect to your Wi-Fi network and monitor whatever you have plugged into it. Through the WeMo app, you can create rules and schedules – and double-check to make sure you really did shut off everything before your mad dash to work.

2. Parrot Flower Power

No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to keep houseplants alive and I’m starting to feel like a failure. Enter Parrot Flower Power, an H20 plant sensor you pop into your potted plants that measures moisture, water levels and the level of sun exposure, making sure your plants get the proper TLC they deserve. Best of all, you can screw a water bottle into the top of the sensor and water your plants automatically. (Add. To. Cart.) These bad boys run for about $45 on Amazon.

3. LittleBits Smart Home Kit

The LittleBits Smart Home Kit allows you to reinvent what you already have, turning ordinary household appliances into smart gadgets. With the kit, you can set it up to control your lamps, coffee maker, heater, air conditioner, even your curtains! And if you’re stuck working late, you can feed your pet remotely with its WiFi-activated feeder/treat dispenser. It’s available for $250 on Amazon, which sounds steep, but this kit has the potential to take care of your entire home – without having to buy anything new.

4. BOA Waterpebble

If you’re looking for ways to save water without spending a fortune, the BOA Waterpebble is an inexpensive, convenient device to help you do just that. Memorizing your first shower and using it as a baseline, Waterpebble indicates when to finish showering using a gentle, green-to-red traffic light format. Each time you shower, it automatically reduces your shower time, helping you save water without a second thought – and it’s only $12 on Amazon.

5. SmartThings Hub

Much like the WeMo line, you can start with a basic SmartThings Hub and add additional modules as you see fit (or as your budget allows). The hub itself runs for about $99 on Amazon, and the brand also has various kits available depending on your needs: An overall starter kit, an energy saver kit, a security kit, a water detection kit, and more!

Have you tried any of these smart home options?

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