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5 Eco Etsy Shops We Love

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It’s difficult not to fall down the rabbit hole of discovery while perusing Etsy. Crafty sellers populate the site with niftylittle trinkets and beautiful, unique creations. While there are many great Etsy shops out there, I’m particularly taken with Eco Etsy, Etsy’s membership-based group filled with sellers who make eco-friendly crafts.

The group is well regulated and not just any ol’ seller can join. Here’s more information about Eco Etsy sellers:

“As a global team of eco-minded Etsy sellers, our mission is dedicated to protecting our planet by utilizing methods to reduce carbon footprints in managing our businesses and leading our personal lives in the most eco-friendly manner. We are just as determined to use recycled materials in our creations as we are about recycling packaging materials. We take the safety of the environment in mind in the way that we manage our businesses and create our items. We strive to grow as a team that focuses on promoting eco-living in our personal lives as well as in our businesses, and educating others about the importance of being environmentally responsible.” - Eco Etsy team

After spending some considerable time looking through Eco Etsy’s shops, I found a ton of fun, noteworthy sellers. Here are five of my favorites:

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From the Organic Authority Files

1. Growing Up Wild
Shop owner Kelly Engel makes “organic and original clothes and shoes for baby.” After clicking through the site, I fell in love with the bicycle-printed baby shoes. Instill the love of biking while they are young, I say!

2. Epicerma
Does your monthly friend get you down? Make that time of the month a bit more enjoyable by using a colorful Moonpad. The Moonpad is a reusable menstrual pad that comes in different absorbent sizes and colors. The shop owner designed the product as a sustainable alternative to the throwaway products sold in box stores.

3. Upcycled Stuff
This shop is exactly what it sounds like – Tricia, the shop owner, creates a ton of cute, upcycled stuff! I love the store’s dog beds (and I’m sure my two, four-legged friends would adore her crafty beds, too).

4. What’s Eating Yin
This is for the comic book lovers out there. Yin takes vintage comic books and makes darling pins, magnets, cases, etc., from the books’ printed pages.

5. Garden Bon Bon’s
And finally, for the seed junkie: a box of Garden Bon Bons: “{Seed balls have} been around for centuries and historically they are little coin sized balls of clay, compost soil and seed. The compost provides extra nutrients in case they are planted in poor soil conditions and the clay keeps insects and small animals from walking off with the seed. They really just need sunshine and water to grow anywhere.” – Garden Bon Bons

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