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Green Cleaning (From the Future!): 5 Futuristic Cleaning Gadgets

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Sometimes green cleaning is all about getting back to basics: vinegar, salt, lemons, baking soda, and a good rag will get a lot of the work done. But sometimes you can look to technology to help get the job done, too. Check out these five futuristic gadgets and eco-friendly green cleaning tools that may change the way we clean today and in the not-so-distant future.

1. Spaghetti Scrubbers

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Made of recycled corn cobs and peach pits, these long-lasting, durable dish scrubbers are a great alternative to the plastic ones you buy and throw away. And the website claims that no detergent is needed for most jobs because of the scrubbers' natural abrasives. These are already on the market and available to get your green cleaning done.

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2. Vax ev Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner

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From the Organic Authority Files

How fun is this? The world's first cardboard vacuum cleaner: made from recycled and recyclable materials for optimum sustainability. Plus, you can draw on it and decorate it yourself! Now that's green cleaning. Currently it's a working prototype from its UK company.

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3. Self-Sterilizing Door Handle

This design concept for a self-sterilizing door handle was a contest winner. When not in use, the handle turns on a UV light that sterilizes the surface, meaning no more icky germs on bathroom (and other) doors. Genius!

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4. Renew Clothes Steamer

What if you could steam clean your clothes in seconds rather than using up an hour or more (not to mention tons of water and energy) to wash and dry them the conventional way? This design finalist is a wall-mounted clothes steamer that blasts garments with a high-powered jet of steam to get them instantly clean. It would rely on RFID clothing tags, which would instantly tell it the fabric and size of the garment to customize the temperature and amount of steam. I want one of these RIGHT NOW. Check out the video:


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5. Bissel Steam Mop

Another tool that uses steam to clean, and this one's already a reality. This steam mop from Bissel cleans hard floors with pure water, and kills most germs and bacteria without chemicals. It also uses washable microfiber mop heads, so you don't have to buy (and toss) lots of refills.

Images courtesy: Vax ev Cardboard Vacuum CleanerSpaghetti Scrubbers, Yanko Designs, Electrolux, and Bissel

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