5 Lunch Containers that Make Healthy Lunches for Kids Easy and Eco-Friendly


Healthy lunches for kids are a priority for every parent. But many children are heading to school with lunch boxes and containers parents are just not happy with. While plastic and paper bags are convenient, they may not promote healthy lunches for kids. In fact, they may be doing more harm than good. Try our top five picks in our search for the perfect, healthy lunch container solution.

1. Blue Avocado

Looking for an alternative to those resealable plastic bags? Blue Avocado has you covered. With zip bags and velcro bags in endless sizes, Blue Avocado brings you safe alternatives made from FDA-grade peva film. These bags are PVC, lead and BPA free. And, the label includes Blue Avocado’s audited impact and carbon footprint! In addition to the reusable bags, Blue Avocado also sells lunch bags to hold your bags.

Price: Reusable bags are $3.99-$11.99

Carry bags are $25-$75

2. PlanetBox

Made from eco-friendly stainless steel, these portioned lunchbox tray systems are nontoxic, nonleaching, recyclable and they don’t pick up food odors or tastes like plastic versions do. The lunchboxes and accompanying bags come in varying sizes for kids and adults. And, they come with really cool interchangeable magnets that you can decorate the outside of your stainless steel lunch tray with. Super fun for kids (and adults)!

Price: The midrange Rover set runs $39.95-$59.95

3. Allermates

Lunch bags made specifically for kids with allergies, Allermates can be literal lifesavers in the school lunchroom. Your child’s lunch bag comes with warnings about their specific allergies and lists of your kid’s “no foods.” You can also get a bracelet with your child’s allergy emblazoned on it. For my 3-year-old who is dairy allergic, I’m so thankful for this bag and the bracelet. While it may not prevent every dairy slip, it certainly will help when she starts school next year.

Price: The “I have allergies” lunch bag is $16.99

BPA free allergy labeled reusable food bags are $6.99-$7.99

Wristbands are $6.99

4. GoodByn

Made of BPA and phthalate free plastic, these Goodbyn bento boxes are a perfect size for kids’ school lunches. And, with the easy bento compartments, lunch is a breeze to throw together. On the downside, they’re still plastic, so there may still be other concerns like leaching. GoodByn sells insulated bags and ice packs to keep the bento boxes cold.

 Price:Bynto boxes are $8.99

Insulated bags are $12.49-$18.99

5. LunchBots

Another metal option, these stainless steel containers with plastic lids come in a huge variety of sizes. My personal favorite for school lunches are the bento collections. You can also get extra containers for dips and such to put alongside the main bento. And for adult meals, LunchBots offers larger size bentos, too! With stainless steel you get the benefits of nonleaching, nontoxic materials. While LunchBots doesn’t have the fun magnets like PlanetBox, you get a lot more range in your food options since the bin is a more open design than the PlanetBox’s tray style box.

Price:Bentos are $17.99 for kid size and $23.99 for adults

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