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6 DIY Ways to Remember Your Travels

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Vacations are awesome, right? Any time off can do wonders for the body, mind and soul. Time away can center a person and put life into perspective, too. But sometimes upon returning home, people forget the relaxed moments and chill days vacation provided. The combo of two weeks worth of accumulated mail, unopened emails and missed phone calls is difficult to face, but don’t let the outside world ruin your relaxed vibe. Instead, take some time after your trip to memorialize your travels in unique ways. Making a tangible reminder of all the fun times had can keep that “just returned” feeling alive a lot longer.

1.Make a postcard book

Buy a postcard at every stop. When you return home, use a hole punch to place a hole at the top of every card, thing string some twine or ribbon through the hole. Write a note to yourself on the back of each card. Flip through whenever you need a reminder of what you did each day of your trip.

2. Collect recipes

It’s exciting to try local food favorites when traveling. Instead of just savoring local flavors, try and collect recipes. Buy a regional cookbook, or strike up a conversation with the restaurant’s staff and chef to find out what spices and flavors they most enjoy using, and consuming.

3. Make a memory book

Paste travel photos, and other things you collected on the trip (think small sea shells, dried flowers, receipts, etc.) inside an unused scrapbook, notebook or diary.

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4. Talk about it

Keep a voice diary. Bring a recorder and make voice notes that detail your experiences at the end of every day. When the trip is over, transfer the files to your computer and enjoy!

5. Dance to it

Make a playlist containing the songs you played--or heard--while on the trip.

6. Connect with nature

Collect rocks, seashells, etc. in a jar. By the end of your trip, you’ll have a physical and most natural memory from each place you visited.


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