6 Tips for How to Save Money on Groceries

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One of the first steps toward healthy eating is learning to cook. A big part of cooking is learning to maneuver through the grocery store. We often think that eating healthy is more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a few simple tips you can make healthy, organic cuisine on the cheap. Learn easy tips for how to save money on groceries.

6 Tips for How to Save Money on Groceries

1. Learn to construct a grocery list.

Each week decide how many dinners you’ll be eating in. In our home, we usually eat out one lunch and one dinner per week. We eat in mostly every other meal. At the top of my grocery list I write the meals I plan to cook that week. I’ll usually include prepared meals like an organic frozen pizza or a simple entree salad for those nights that I don’t feel like cooking. For each entree, I’ll include the ingredients needed in the list below. I try and choose simple meals that don’t require too many ingredients and I never buy foods that aren’t on the list.

2. Have enough leftover for lunch the next day.

I usually make enough dinner to have it for lunch the next day to simplify my list and cut down on the ingredients that I have to buy at the grocery store.

3. Add to your grocery list gradually.

Keep a running grocery list on the refrigerator and add to it as needed. If you have to go to the grocery store a number of times throughout the week, you’re more likely to buy whim items that add up.

4. Calculate as you go.

I have a set amount I like to spend at the grocery store each week. Of course, it varies depending on what items I need, but there’s a certain range I try and stay within. As I’m shopping, I’m gradually adding up items on my cell phone, so I don’t get to the end and get caught with sticker shock.

5. Get on grocery store email lists.

Get on all your favorite natural health grocery store email lists. This way they’ll send you all the deals of the week and you can adjust your list according to deals.

6. Eat less meat and dairy.

Even if it’s only for the sake of frugality, learning to eat a plant-based diet is worth it because it’s much less expensive. You’ll notice that meat and cheese are some of the most expensive items at the grocery store.

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