6 Vegan Gifts in a Jar People Actually Want

6 Vegan Gifts In A Jar That People Actually Want

Treat your loved ones to something delicious this holiday season with these vegan gifts in a jar. From salted caramel truffles to no-bake cookies, there’s a treat for everyone on your list.

While jar gifts are no new innovation, they aren’t always welcome at the holiday gift exchange. But these gifts in a jar have been handpicked to ensure they will be loved by your recipient.

The key to successfully giving out gifts in a jar, is personalizing it just for the receipient. If your uncle is an avid runner, then make him the energy balls. If your best friend is obsessed with Paris, make her the madeleines.

I love using Weck jars for these gifts because of their sophisticated design and seal lock. But you can also use mason jars which are equally chic and a bit more affordable. Make this project eco-friendly by repurposing old glass jars instead of buying new ones.

Vegan Holiday Gifts In A Jar

Chocolate Truffles

Jar up these vegan chocolate truffles for the perfect gift in a jar

These vegan chocolate truffles are guaranteed to make everyone love you. I gave these to my family for Christmas a few years back and every year I am asked if I’ll be giving those out again because they want more! The truffles have a hard chocolate outer shell dusted in cacao and a fudge-y chocolate center made from coconut milk.

Salted Caramel Truffles

Salted Caramel Chocolate Truffles

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with giving people truffles. These salted caramel truffles are certain to be devoured upon opening. Their decadent sweet and salty flavors will make your gift recipients swoon and demand you gift these every year. I can confirm this based on experience!

Raw Cacao Date Energy Balls

Image of cacao balls via Shutterstock

cacao energy balls

These raw vegan cacao date energy balls are the perfect treat for the health-oriented people on your list. Runners and athletes will love this nutrient-packed snack that’s perfect for eating before a workout.

Almond Flour Madeleine Cookies

Almond Flour Madeleines

Give these gluten-free madeleines to the Francophile on your list. They won’t be able to resist the classic Parisian treat. Plus, they’re made with almond flour and coconut oil so they will leave the lucky recipient feeling light and airy after eating them.

Chocolate Mousse

Image via Kate Gavlick

A Vegan Chocolate Mousse Recipe With the Savviest Ingredient Ever

Another decadent treat for your friends and family who have a sweet tooth. This rich chocolate mousse is made with aquafaba, which makes it so dreamy and irresistible. Be sure to store this in the fridge until you’re ready to exchange gifts.

No Bake Peanut Butter Cookies

Image via Kate Gavlick

Make This Healthy Girl Sweet: No Bake Cacao Cookies

This is an easy and healthy recipe to whip up that’s great if you’re short on time. These no-bake peanut butter cookies are made with dates which have a wonderful texture for serving as the base of no-bake treats. The peanut butter provides a slightly salty bite to balance out the sweetness of the dates.

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