7 Best Vacation Spots for Bike Tours: Explore the World on Two Wheels

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You don’t have to be a serious cyclist to go on an adventure to the best vacation spots for bike tours. If you can ride a bike, you can head off on the open road and see a whole new side of the world.

Bike tours are slow travel. There’s nothing between you and the place you’re exploring. You’re not whizzing by in a car or train or zooming overhead in a plane – you’re slowing rolling through the world, one pedal at a time.

Some of the best vacation spots are simply perfect for bike rides, and you’ll find two-wheeled tours for every skill level. Check out the low-to-the-ground small group tours from Intrepid Travel, G Adventures, REI, and Backroads to spark new travel ideas.

7 Best Vacation Spots for Bicycling Holidays

  1. France. C’est la vie along the meandering waterways and lavender fields of France. Head to the Loire Valley (just south of Paris) to cruise a chateau-dotted countryside with colorful gardens and riverfront picnics. In Provence and the South of France, you can ride from one charming village to the next. Stop for fresh-picked cherries or to sightsee at Roman ruins.
  2. Vietnam. Long and flat, Vietnam is a bicyclist’s dream. Ride beside lush green rice paddies and over dramatic mountain passes. Join legions of local bicyclists on vibrant city streets and have quiet country lanes all to yourself. When it’s time to stop for a break, you’ll encounter spectacularly fresh cuisine and different specialties in every town.
  3. Italy. Savor la dolce vita during a pedal tour of the treasures of Italy. The region of Tuscany is a perennial favorite for cyclists because of its picture-perfect rolling hills and medieval villages. For a bigger challenge, hit the Dolomites. Yearning for the seaside? Opt for a bike tour in Puglia or Sicily.
  4. New Zealand. It’s easy to get around this gorgeous country, which is similar to Colorado in size. The “Land of the Long White Cloud” is one of the best vacation spots for any type of traveler – but bicyclists especially will find easy-to-navigate roads and a huge diversity of landscapes. Just don’t fall off your bike looking at the eye-popping scenery.
  5. Croatia. Cruise along rustic olive groves, fragrant citrus orchards, and charming vineyards. Sleep in hillside villages and linger on pebble-strewn beaches. Follow forested paths to waterfalls in beautiful national parks. Enhance your adventure with white water rafting, sea kayaking, or sailing along the Dalmatian Coast.
  6. Spain. From ancient pilgrimage routes and Moorish architecture to the mountains of Andalucía, Spain begs the bicyclist to see what’s around the bend. Listen for the sounds of flamenco to bounce across the limestone peaks and mountain passes – and finish your bike ride with a well-earned feast of tapas and Spanish wine.
  7. Morocco. Cruise out of the box and into the desert. Ride towards the dunes of the Sahara and then trade your bike for a camel. Sleep under the stars in the desert and in the cool air of the Atlas Mountains. Bike through arid scenery and fertile farmland, embracing the warm and welcoming culture of this storied landscape. Visit towns with ancient medinas, blue walls, and bustling souks.

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