7 Stylish Ways the Art of Macrame is Making a Comeback

7 Stylish Ways the Art of Macrame is Making a Comeback

Once synonymous with the 1970s, the art of macramé got a bad rap, but it’s been making a comeback. It’s no longer maligned, but now has a firm footing in boho decor and has even gained in popularity as a DIY craft.

7 Stylish Ways the Art of Macrame is Making a Comeback

In case you weren’t aware, macramé is a form of textile art that is produced by creating knots. The primary techniques of the craft are knotting and hitching, which involves a variety of knot types with the square knot being among the most common. Materials used in macramé include traditional natural fibers like wool, cotton, linen, hemp, leather, and jute, but man-made materials like rayon and nylon are used just as often. Macramé designs may also include decorative elements like beads, rings, and tubes made from wood, plastic or metal. The art of macramé can also be used in a variety of treatments from the small, like earrings, to a large bed covering.

If you are looking to add some macramé decor to your space, you have two options. Buy or DIY. If you decide to take on learning the art of macramé, you will need some supplies to get you started. You can always hit up Amazon, or give other suppliers like Dick Blick, Modern Macamre, or even Etsy a try.

Of course, DIY kits are super big right now so you may want to give those a try before tackling things on your own.

On the other hand, if you appreciate the aesthetic, but not the work doing-it-yourself, consider buying the finished product.

Macramé Decor

1. Boho Wall Hanging

The best way to go with macramée is to go boho. After all, macramé owes its resurgence to the popularity of the boho 1970s.

2. Curtain Wall Hanging

And if you are looking for something much more dramatic, consider this statement wall hanging.

3. Mirror Wall Hanging

Brighten up a dark corner or a dreary hallway with a hanging mirror and mirror holder.

4. Yoga Mat Holder

Combine form and functional in one with this handy yoga mat holder.

5. Table Runner

By the same token, add some boho chic to the table for your next gathering with this stunning table runner.

6.Macramé Chair Decor

We love the idea of these decorative macramé chair backs for a sunny breakfast nook or outside under a pergola!

7. Macramé Bunting

And for something just completely fun, we love this bunting to add a bit of bohemian charm to your bedroom.

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