8 Must-Have Food Storage Options for Your Backyard Party

Summer’s here, which means the uber-fun backyard party circuit is upon us—and even though your besties never specify bring-your-own-whatever on the invite, you refuse to show up empty handed. You also refuse to serve your crew food with a side of BPA (because ew), so you’re going to need plenty of food containers at your disposal.

Here are 8 trusty food storage ideas that will last you the summer and beyond:

1. Kinetic Food Storage Containers

The Kinetic Fresh series of food storage containers are BPA-free and allow food to stay fresh up to three times longer. The lids are airtight and watertight silicone, which provides an additional layer of protection. They’re spill proof, shatterproof, microwave, freezer and refrigerator safe—and should come with little capes.

2. Preserve Food Storage Containers

Preserve Food Storage Containers come in a variety of shapes and vibrant colors. The Earth loves them because they’re made from 100 percent recycled BPA-free plastic and post-consumer recycled paper, and you’ll love them because they’re as stylish as they durable.

3. Wean Green’s Wean Cubes

While Wean Green’s adorable Wean Cubes are made for the kiddies in your life, you can also use them to store salad dressings and condiments for your summer soirees. Not only are they uber-durable and leak proof, but feature removable seals so you don’t have to fret about bacteria build up.

4. Anchor Hocking TrueSeal Storage Set

Made in the USA, Anchor Hocking TrueSeal glass containers are BPA-free, stackable, and perfect for storing all those leftovers. They’re freezer, microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

5. Pyrex Glass Food Storage Containers

Pyrex Glass Food Storage Containers are heavy duty, and a perfect way to transport food sans spillage. They’re dishwasher safe, as are the BPA-free plastic lids—and the easy-grip handles are pretty handy too.

6. Organic Mesh Produce Bag

If you’re on salad duty at your next backyard party and have produce to haul, these 100 percent certified organic cotton mesh bags are your partner in crime. They’re specially designed to hold fruits and veggies, and replace those wasteful plastic bags at the supermarket.

7. Bowl Overs

These Bowl Overs are an adorbs way to keep bugs out of your delish spread. They’re made of 100 percent cotton and have cute sayings on them like “Save Some for Me” and “Waste Not Want Not.” There’s even one with a paw print on it for your pets!

8. Abeego Beeswax Sheets

Cling wrap shmling wrap! Abeego Flats are made from hemp, organic cotton, beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil. Just bend and shape to fit the food you need to wrap, and voila! The beeswax coating keeps food fresh and is easy to clean.

What will you be bringing to your next backyard party?

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