9 Creative Solutions to Declutter Your Bathroom

9 Creative Solutions to Declutter Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are easy magnets for clutter, from the drawers and under-sink space to the countertops and shower. Bars of soap, makeup, hair spray, brushes, tubes of lotions, and towels seem to proliferate at will – and sooner or later, you will need to declutter your bathroom.

The solution? Use creative storage ideas that give everything its own place. Organize your space, and make your bathroom into the relaxing sanctuary that it should be.

Top Tips to Declutter Your Bathroom:

  1. Too many towels can wind up on the floor, a damp pile just waiting to mildew. Add some decorative hooks and hang them up. Consider adding hooks to the back of the door for bath towels, or hang a few front door knockers on the wall for extra style points.
  2. Think up. Store items that you don’t use often in high places to keep them out of your way. A shelf over the bathroom door is perfect for backup toiletries and rolls of toilet paper. Don’t forget about the space over the toilet, either – you’ll find shelves and storage units designed just to fit this unique space.
  3. For metal items like tweezers, scissors and nail clippers, add a magnetic strip to the back of a cabinet door to keep them tidy and in one place. You’ll never have to dig around in the bottom of a drawer again for these things – you’ll know exactly where they are.
  4. If you have space for an ottoman, go double-duty and make it a storage case as well. Ottomans are ideal for sitting down to remove your clothing and shoes. Instead, you can fill with toiletries, linens, and anything else that you want to hide away and still have easy access to.
  5. Gift boxes work well to declutter drawers of makeup and smaller items. Low plastic drawer dividers are easier to clean, but they can be quite expensive. Use gift boxes instead to organize makeup, jewelry, hair clips, rubber bands, contact lenses and dental supplies.
  6. Clear containers are popular for cotton balls and swabs. But they take up a lot of counter space – and do cotton balls really need a fancy display? Instead, store these items in a low jar nestled together under a cabinet or in one of your drawers.
  7. Are linens taking over your life? You don’t have to get rid of your extra beach towels and washcloths. Think outside the bathroom instead. Linens that you don’t use very often can be stored in a bedroom closet, garage, a pantry or kitchen cabinet.
  8. Use matching wicker baskets to organize open shelves. Their streamlined appearance will look great – and their open tops will make it easy to grab anything you need. Baskets work well to stash away your hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, brushes, razor, and other grooming tools.
  9. Declutter by getting rid of things you don’t need. Free makeup samples, broken costume jewelry, half-used bottles of sunscreen from 2009 – all of this stuff can be tossed or donated. Animal shelters will love to take any ratty towels or washcloths that you no longer need.

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