9 Fantastic Ideas for Repurposing Unwanted Bookcases

Great ideas for respurposing bookcases.

Repurposing or reusing keeps more stuff out of landfills and is the most sustainable of the 3 R’s (reduce, reuse and recycle).

Repurposing is the act of altering and reusing an item with a purpose different from its original purpose, e.g. using a soup can as a pencil cup.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that bookcase that no longer fits in the living room, or has several shelves falling down, or is just a holdover from your college apartment days. Of course, your first reaction to is to chuck it by posting it on Craigslist, stowing it in the basement or even just putting it on the curb and hoping that it disappears, but don’t be so quick to get rid of that bookcase or to relegate it to the basement. Instead of tossing it out, repurpose it.

There are tons of great ideas for repurposing furniture and other household goods and bookcases are no exception. With a little effort and a lot of creativity you can repurpose that unwanted bookcase.

Ideas and Projects for Repurposing Bookcases

  1. Turn an old bookshelf into a desk – with a little modification, and old bookcase can become multifunctional with this great idea and tutorial.
  2. Fabric Storage – Turn an old bookcase on its side and add additional particle board shelves for a great fabric storage solution.
  3. Reading Bench – Take an IKEA bookcase and turn it into a great reading bench for the kids. A safer alternative for storing books in a child’s room.
  4. Dollhouse – get the kids involved in turning a bookcase into a fun dollhouse!
  5. Dual Workstations – with some modifications, you can turn a bookcase into a 2-person workstation for the ultimate in repurposing.
  6. Under Bed Storage – to maximize storage space add IKEA’s Expedit bookcases under a bed frame and utilize wasted storage space!
  7. Garden Container – toss that old bookcase into the garden for use as a raised bed. It might be best to only grow ornamentals in it though as opposed to food plants, since some bookcases might leach off some not-so-great chemicals.
  8. Bar Station – turn an unwanted bookcase into and much wanted bar station in time for your next cocktail party for easy entertaining.
  9. Play Kitchen – make a play kitchen for young children from an unwanted 3 shelf bookcase and other repurposed items.

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