9 Legitimately Spooky Easy DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations

9 Legitimately Spooky Easy DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations

Getting ready for Halloween but not sure exactly how you want to decorate, we’ve got some clever and easy DIY Halloween outdoor decorations for you! Whether you like things a little towards the spooky end of the spectrum, or you prefer your decorations to be a little more cute, here are some easy ideas for Halloween outdoor decorations.

9 DIY Halloween Outdoor Decorations

  1. Hale Bale Spider – Make a giant spider using a round hay bale and flexible drainage pipes as the legs. You can source hay bales at lawn and garden stores and the drainage pipe at home improvement stores.
  2. Ghostly Pumpkins – For that extra spooky factor, paint pumpkins with glow in the dark paint. You can either paint or carve ghostly faces. Place them along the walkway to help illuminate the pathway.
  3. Ramshackle Pallet Fence – Old pallets can be used any number of ways for Halloween outdoor decorations. One idea is to use them to make a ramshackle fence pathway for trick-or-treaters to your door. Decorate the fence with faux spider webs, “keep out” signs, and other spooky accents.
  4. Magical Mushrooms – If you prefer more magical rather than spooky decor for Halloween, consider making toadstool pumpkins. You can use the variety of winter squashes and pumpkins to simulate the color, shape and texture of mushrooms. Martha Stewart has a handy how-to.
  5. Boiling Spider Cauldron – Turn spray-painted terra cotta pots, faux spider webbing, and plastic spiders into a roiling spider cauldron for your front porch. Here’s a tutorial for how to make it happen.
  6. X Marks the Spot Witchy Entrance – Mark your home as a witchy place with some DIY Halloween outdoor decorations for your front door. Hang two Halloween witch brooms in an “X” on your door with a black witch’s hat in the center.
  7. Spooky Floating Candles – Add some spooky light to your front porch or tree with floating candles made from paper towel tubes and LED tea lights. Here’s an easy tutorial for the how-to.
  8. Ghostly Visage – Turn foam heads (the kind used to display hats and often available in craft stores) and gauzy white fabric into other otherworldly visages. Use fishing line to hang them for extra spookiness.
  9. Bat House – Cut out bat silhouettes using sturdy weatherproof black foam. Hang them from a tree in your yard, in front of the windows, or affix them to the front door.

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