Amazing Water Feature Ideas for Your Garden

Check out these gorgeous, eye-catching water features for your garden and celebrate our main source of life. Adding them to your garden or outdoor space will provide an attractive and mesmerizing decoration that can be as beneficial as it is beautiful.

1. Learn About How to Pick A Water Feature for Your Space

Choosing the suitable water feature to enhance and contribute to the environment it will be in is important. Use these tips from Garden Design Exposed to create a water feature that will be in harmony with its surroundings and provide a tranquil and soothing sound for its dwellers.

2. DIY Bell Fountain

Use this awesome DIY tutorial from BHG to build a simple but elegant bell fountain for your garden. All you need are some simple gardening and water hook-up supplies and tools, and you’ll be all set! Make sure to choose a spot in your garden that isn’t too far away from the closest electrical outlet, or better yet, set up a separate mini-solar unit for it.

3. Artisan Copper Sprinklers

These gorgeous and fun sprinklers twirl and twist the water that comes out of them in a mesmerizing and beautiful way. They work well as veggie or flower garden sprinklers, covering a wide area evenly with ample amounts of water. You can choose from different designs and stone colors (in the center of the sprinkler) to suit your garden and its needs.

4. Build a Portable Pond

Portable ponds are amazing water features to add to your garden that will allow for you to include goldfish or other small pond fish as part of your backyard environment. Use this cool tutorial from WPT to make one for your garden or outdoor area.

5. Containers for Water Plants

Invite any type of water plant into your yard or patio with containers such as old wash basins, ceramic pots or even bathtubs. Plants like lotuses, water lettuce, taros, water canna and water lilies are perfect for these types of containers, and will often do the job of filtering the water through their own roots.

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