Back to School Storage Organizing Tips (Whether They’re Pre-K or Pre-Med!)

Back to school organizing tips for your home.

Get ready for back to school with these room by room back to school storage organizing tips to keep you clutter-free this school year!

Back to School Organizing Tips for the Entryway

One of the more challenging places to organize is the entryway. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small landing or a larger foyer, backpacks, coats, and shoes all seem to end up in a pile by the door.

  • Apply some organization by adding shelves, bins and hooks to an existing closet to catch all that clutter. If you don’t have a closet, consider buying or making storage cubbies.
  • You can also repurpose a yard sale wardrobe to use as cubbie storage. Painting the doors with chalkboard paint for reminders and to-do lists can also add another layer of organization.
  • Finally, here’s an IKEA hack for repurposing Billy bookcases into entryway cubbies.

Back to School Organizing Tips for the Family Room

Even though you try to keep school stuff out of the family room, it happens anyway. But the minute you move someone’s school project, they come looking for it and can’t find it. Create a dedicated space in the family room for storing those wayward homework assignments.

  • One practical solution is to make a DIY modular coffee table with storage.
  • Another idea is to label individual baskets with each child’s name that can act as receptacle for those left behind school papers.

Back to School Organizing Tips for the Kitchen

It seems like the kitchen table is where everyone always ends up doing their homework. While it’s a great place to work, dealing with the clutter can be a problem. Nip it in the bud, by providing alternative storage in the kitchen for homework.

  • One idea is to create a home file box with color-coded tabbed dividers for each kid. This gives them a place to unload weekly papers and store work in progress.
  • Another tip is to create a school supply station in a cabinet, door, sideboard or other storage spot in the kitchen. Keep whatever school supplies kids might need there to complete their homework to eliminate time wasted hunting for index cards, stick glue, or an extra ipad cord.

Back to School Organizing Tips for the Home Office

Having a dedicated work space comes with its challenges too–home offices often become a catchall for everything paper related. Whether used for school-aged or grownup students, get organized in the home office by creating separate work and school stations.

  • One way to maximize space is to utilize height. Add shelves above workstations to free up desktops for spreading work out.
  • Peg or cork board bulletin boards are useful to store ready at hand tools like scissor and rulers, clipboards and more.
  • Keep track of assignments, field trips, doctor’s appointments, and more with a family calendar. Buy a big desk blotter calendar to mount to the wall or make your own DIY version, like this wall-mounted magnetic, erasable version.

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