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Create a Scandinavian Design Escape in Your Living Room

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Get Nordic by adding Scandinaviann design.

The folks who live in the Scandinavia, which includes the countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, know how to deal with wintery weather, appreciate the beauty of nature, and how to create comfortable interiors. Their Scandinavian design aesthetic is perfect to emulate if you are looking to create your own Nordic hideaway this winter season.

While the Scandinavian countries don’t necessarily have as much snow as other northern countries, because of their proximity to the ocean and warm water currents, they do have to face less daylight in winter. As a result, the inhabitants of Scandinavia do find themselves spending lots of time indoors during the winter months. That could explain why they seem to know how to create inviting, comfortable, minimalist interiors with a heavy dose of coziness and a nod to the natural world.

So, how to create your own living space inspired by Scandinavian design? Here are some design ideas as well as specific pieces you can incorporate to add some Nordic style to your home. From DIY tutorials to inspirational items, let these suggestions guide you in adding some Scandinavian design.

9 Ideas to Add Scandinavian Design to Your Living Spaces

  1. DIY Chunky Knit Throw - A soft and comfortable chunky knit throw is a must for creating any Scandinavian design inspired living space. Style and practical rolled into one.
  2. Wooden Houses Shelves - Display your nordic-style tchotchkes in these quaint wooden house shelves.
  3. DIY Scandinavian Design Stairs - Use a template to add a Scandinavian motifs to your stair fronts.
  4. Scandinavian Prints - Add Scandinavian inspired prints for some Nordic style.
  5. DIY Leather Sling Bench - Turn an old, ugly leather sofa into a modern Scandinavian inspired leather and wood bench.
  6. Papier-Mâché Animal Sculptures - Papier-Mâché animal antlers and heads are a more humane way to add animal elements to your Scandinavian inspired room.
  7. DIY Pallet Daybed - Turn pallets into a Scandinavian inspired daybed/sofa.
  8. Mason Jar Candles - Add mood lighting with mason jars, pine cones and votive candles.
  9. DIY Nordic Floors - Turn your wood floors into gorgeous Nordic white wood floors.
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