5 Eucalyptus Decorating Ideas for Your Healthy Home

Transform your space.

Eucalyptus leaves in small white vase on table against neutral background
Eucalyptus leaves in small white vase on table against neutral background

Along with making a Pinterest-worthy wedding bouquet and serving as the main source of food for Australian koalas, fragrant eucalyptus has a place in your home, too. These eucalyptus decorating ideas are a pretty way to use (and love) eucalyptus in every room of your home.

Eucalyptus 101

Eucalyptus makes up a large group of flowering trees and shrubs in the myrtle family. Along with floral design, pretty leaves and stems of eucalyptus are used for their wood and oil, the latter of which is a multipurpose essential oil.

Essential oil of eucalyptus is used for healing purposes, natural beauty products, nontoxic cleaning products, insect repellent, and more.

Dr. Josh Axe notes the oil ideal for hair nourishment, hand cleaning, reducing sinuses and allergies, promoting respiratory health, and purifying home air. Eucalyptus essential oil is thought to be anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and stimulating, according to Organic Facts.

Look for organic eucalyptus essential oil for an essential oil diffuser for the respiratory benefits of eucalyptus throughout the whole home.

eucalyptus decorating

Eucalyptus Decorating Ideas

Look for bunches of eucalyptus at farmers markets (especially on the West Coast), flower shops, and the floral department of your grocery store. Special flower shops can order eucalyptus if it is not found in your area.

1. In vases

With curvaceous green leaves and stems, eucalyptus is as aesthetically pleasing as it is fragrant smelling. Branches of cut eucalyptus look simply stunning in glass jars or vases. Place them throughout the home to promote air quality, respiratory function, and to jazz up empty spaces. Vases of eucalyptus look lovely in the kitchen, on bedside tables, on bookcases, and in the bathroom.

2. Fireplace

Bunches of eucalyptus look lovely on top of a fireplace mantle, too. Ashley Wilcox and Lily Glass of the blog Hart and Honey note that decorating with eucalyptus requires zero maintenance. The stems and “leaves dry beautifully and add a delicious festive scent to your house.”

3. In the bath

Strands of eucalyptus can be tied to the head of the shower in the bathroom, for a spa-like treatment every time you turn on the faucet. Bunches of eucalyptus can stay tied to the showerhead for about a week before they need replaced. If baths are more of your thing, add leaves and a stem or two to your next bath for a seriously relaxing ritual.

4. Wreaths

Add strands of eucalyptus to homemade wreaths and wall hangings for a touch of DIY simplicity in every room of the house. Tie cut eucalyptus branches to sticks or driftwood with fishing line for a simple, minimalist wall hanging for minimal effort and money. Weave branches into wreath molds along with twigs and ribbon for a pretty, simple design.

5. Garlands

Finally, string branches together to create a gorgeous garland to drape on tables, around door frames, and on the fireplace mantle.

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