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Father's Day the Organic Way

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If your father, husband or another cherished man in your life leads an organic lifestyle - or if you want to heighten a newbie's eco-consciousness - several companies are showcasing perfect Father's Day gifts. Best of all, all items may be ordered online, which makes shopping super-convenient.


Red Alert!

If Dad has a green thumb, he can grow the juiciest organic tomatoes on the block with the Tomato Success Kit, Terra Cotta from Gardener's Supply Company ($69.95). While it may seem pricey, take note: The kit yields 30 lbs. of tomatoes in an amazingly compact 3½-sq.-ft. container. Each kit - available with your choice of a terra cotta, green or stone base - includes the company's exclusive, patented self-watering planter, as well as a variety of growing aids: Tomato Yield Booster, a heavy-duty and custom-fitted Tomato Support Cage, 40 quarts of Self-Watering Container Mix, 20 qtsand 1 lb. of custom-blended organic fertilizer.

Water Works

Dads on the go need to stay hydrated, whether they're avid hikers, bikers or harried business execs. Any style-conscious guy will appreciate the sleek Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Water Bottle ($22.95) from, which holds 40 oz. of either hot or cold beverages. The smartly designed, lightweight canteen is the ideal replacement for those cheap, store-bought, unhealthful plastic bottles that have been shown to leach toxins - including carcinogens - into beverages.

Sound Asleep?

According to the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research, more than 70 million Americans have trouble sleeping each night, and your stressed-out father may be no exception. Dr. Deepak Chopra comes to the rescue with Insomnia: The Complete Mind/Body Solution ($29.95), a four-CD, eight-lesson course, accompanied by a 36-page workbook, that teaches Dad how to make the mind/body connection and enjoy a restful night of sleep. Dr. Chopra offers practical techniques on adjusting biological rhythms to increase vitality.

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From the Organic Authority Files

Java Jive

If Dad is a coffee fiend, help him unleash his inner barista with the KitchenAid 14-c. JavaStudio Collection Programmable Coffee Maker, Onyx Black ($99.95). With Stainless Steel cladding for a professional look, this programmable coffee maker is KitchenAid's largest capacity JavaStudio model. Not brewing for a crowd, the JavaStuido also offers 1-to-4 cup brewing to assure optimum flavor when brewing small pots of coffee. The JavaSpa full-dispersion showerhead evenly saturates the flat brew basket for optimal flavor. A flat-bottom brew basket presents a uniform bed of coffee to allow for even extraction. An easy-to-set 24-hour brew timer makes it easy to brew coffee at your selected time, day or night. Convenient Pause and Pour feature allows you to pour a cup of coffee before brewing is finished. The 'Time Since Brew' display shows time elapsed since coffee was brewed. Cleaning indicator illuminates when coffee maker requires descaling.

To get him off to a great start, order a 2¼-lb. gift pack of Global Grounds 2.25-lbs. Coffee Beans, Organic Peruvian ($25.50) from - a medium roast with a rich aroma, made from organic Arabica beans that have been roasted on a bed of hot air to unlock their flavor and prevent burning. Also available: Global Grounds 2.25-lbs. Coffee Beans, Organic French Roast ($25.50), a bolder, richer brew featuring dark-roasted beans. Each set comes with three 12-oz. bags of coffee with a one-year shelf life. At new customers save $10!

Surf's Up!

If Dad enjoys beach-bum weekends, help him remove all traces of sand with Patagonia's colorful Ocean Towel ($38), available in two complementary patterns: orbit/wave blue and crimson/emperor gold. This perfect-for-summer towel is made from 100% organic cotton, with finished edges for durability and skin-comforting softness. At 37" x 67", Dad will enjoy full coverage as he goes beachcombing or happily basks in the sun.

Sock It to Me!

Let's face it: Some dads don't exactly live on the wild side, and they enjoy receiving the standard Father's Day fare - perhaps a practical pair of argyle socks. Boring? Not if you gift-wrap Gaiam's luxurious three-pack of Organic Cotton Socks ($20), made from 88.4% organic cotton and 9.6% nylon. Available in black or natural, they fit the standard men's size of 10-13 and are guaranteed to put a kick in his step.

eGO Cycle 2 LX - $ 1569.00
From: Vivavi, Inc.

Arrive in Eco Style

Ease Dad's road rage with the zero emission, electric eGO Cycle 2 LX. Stressful traffic jams and parking problems will become a thing of the past with this toy. The eGO Cycle 2 LX is equipped for the everyday user and commuter with front and rear turn signals, dual mirrors, license plate holder, electric horn, speedometer, supper-saddle, and handle bar mounted light. The eGO Cycle 2 LX maintains a top speed of 23 miles per hour and can travel up to 25 miles per charge. It can be recharged in 3-6 hours and plugs into any standard outlet. It is registerable, road legal and DOT compliant. Price $1,569.00 or you can check out the eGO Cycle 2 for $1269.00.

Tea Time

VivaTerra Organic Teas are available in three gift sets designed to pamper Dad's palate. The Herbal Set ($24) contains a trio of soothing, rejuvenating blends: Garden of Delights, Mint Mingle and Peace of Mind. If Dad prefers black tea, a "frisky" threesome of Orange Bliss, Beyond Breakfast and Black Lavender ($28) fits the bill. And if Dad wants to reap the benefits of green tea's healthful antioxidant properties, go for the Grass Roots Green, Viva Green and Genmaicha collection ($36). Each tin makes 45 cups of tea.

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