Forget the Woo Woo. Use this Technique to Manifest Your Best Life

This visualization, or conscious daydreaming, technique gives you the power to change your life for good and make 2024 the best year yet. Here’s how.

Image of a woman in a desert or beach on the sand reaching her hands towards the sky visualizing what she wishes to manifest.
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As a life coach and author of the bestselling The One, people constantly ask me about the nitty gritty of changing their lives: How long does it take? What habits do I need to adapt or eliminate? Am I the sort of person who can really and truly make my life look different?

I am here to tell you that it is absolutely possible – and I’m living proof. I changed my life, going from making $4,000 a month as a Registered Nurse to building a successful $15 million dollar coaching business, in just under two years, all while being a full-time mom to two girls and going through a pandemic!

Here’s how I did it – and how you can achieve all your desires, too.

The Power of Visualization, or Conscious Daydreaming

I always say, “thoughts become things.” Whatever fodder, feelings, and fantasies you keep in your mind can absolutely be manifested in real life. It’s called visualization (or conscious daydreaming), and it can be used to help you realize your wildest dreams.

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Your Imagination is a Powerful Tool, Use It

manifesting - a person standing beneath a beautiful sky
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We all have an imagination, and it’s a very powerful tool, the key element in unlocking the manifestation process. It has a few functions that make results possible.

First, it allows the belief that you can attain your goals to imprint on your subconscious mind.

Second, it allows your present vibrational energy to change into that of the future desired state.

And lastly, it allows you to feel more focused and motivated to actually take action towards getting to your goals.

Do you have any experience with manifestation and visualization? We’d love for you to share with the community in the comments below.

Here’s how you can tap into that power.

1. Your Goals Must Be Very Clear

Image of a journal opened on a light wood table with a cup of coffee and a watch and three paper clips used as a tool for writing down your visualization.
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You can’t achieve a goal without knowing what it is! The first step before the visualizing even begins is to spend time clarifying and mapping out exactly what you want.

Specific goals are what’s called the “desired state.” The more detailed and clear they are, the better your chance is of achieving them. Our amazing universe is absolutely responsive. (This just means that whatever you ask for, the universe will respond to it without judgment.) But if you’re too general, it won’t know what to do.

 2. Write it Down

Image of a woman's hands with manicure holding pen ready to write in an open journal for manifestation and visualization.
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One way to get clarity on your goals is to journal what you desire. If you could have anything you want in life, what would it be? Make a detailed, written list of everything you would like to achieve, and put it in the present tense. That’s the best way to prepare for the best visualization outcome.

3. Make a Vision Board

Image of a vision board featuring a map with pins and money pinned to it showing how to manifest your ideal future.
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Visualization is different from a vision board: The former is in the mind, while the latter is on paper. But doing both is ideal.

To make your vision board, gather images from magazines: gorgeous beach resorts, beautiful homes, actively healthy people, whatever strikes your fancy to illustrate the new lifestyle you want to create. The resulting vision board helps remind your mind of what you’re seeking.

4. Set the Scene

Image of a beach scene with blue and white striped umbrellas and beach goers on a gorgeous day illustrating what you might visualize for you perfect life.
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Once you are clear about your new life, try to create specific scenes in your mind. Visualize being at that beach resort with the sun shining, the kids playing in the pool, a drink in your hand!

5. Mind Your Mood

Image of the back of a woman with blond hair in a modern tub sitting upright with a glass of wine in her hands, looking out of the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a rocky terrain in what could be a spa, showing the importance of a calm mind when it comes to manifesting and visualization.
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Your imagination is always available, but to make sure you get the most out of your visualization, you must set the proper mood and be in a positive headspace.

Try it when you are relaxed and happy, as emotions can temper our mind. Is the couch or bath your happy space, or is taking a walk the time when you’re the most content?

Before bed is a great time to visualize: As you’re falling asleep, your subconscious mind continues to work, so it might as well work on those amazing goals and not concentrate on all the aggravations of the day. Or you may find that visualizing first thing in the morning will start the day off right.

6. Start in a Calm State

Image of a beach with a woman partially in the shot sitting cross-legged wearing yoga pants and holding hand out at her knee in gyan mudra for meditation.
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One thing I always do is get myself into a meditative state at the beginning of every visualization. You can do this by focusing on slow, steady breathing for a couple of minutes. Then move into the visualization. As you watch yourself living your dream life, notice the sounds, the scents, the people, what you are celebrating, etc..

Visualization is all about the feelings. Not so much what you see, but more how it feels when you have accomplished the goal you set out to achieve.

Music is helpful in tapping into emotions, so choose a favorite instrumental piece that is relaxing and just guides you into the joy of abundance, health, or whatever emotion you desire.

7. Be Grateful

Image of a light pink gratitude journal, a rose gold pen, and a fern leaf in the background on top of a white backdrop showing the importance of gratitude for visualization and manifestation.
Credit: Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

The last step is the most important. As I am living in my dream life, I make special note of all the things I am grateful for as I have achieved it all. Feeling gratitude is my secret weapon.

This simple visualization process will make all the difference in your manifestations.

My best advice is to make this activity a daily habit. It will help you move your body towards your goal and dream life every single day. 

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